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Lembre onte para hoxe e para vivir o soño de mañá

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Q: How do you say remember yesterday live for today and dream of tomorrow in Gaelic?
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How do you say dream in Irish Gaelic?

Words meaning 'dream' are: brionglóid taibhreamh

What do you do if your trapped in a dream?

Yes, I call it reality. We are awake in our dreams right? So when we sleep there we are awake here. The other side can remember little of what happens when we are awake here, in fact i cant remember what i had for lunch yesterday...hmmm.

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What is the Gaelic word for group?

In Scottish Gaelic: buidhnichIn Irish: grúpa, baicle; (sharing certain characteristics: dream, lucht)

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Not exactly, very less people can remember their dreams. If you can remember your dream, you are a very special person

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You are going to die tomorrow

Where does the name aishling originate from?

It is an Irish Gaelic girl's name which means 'dream' or 'vision'.