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The scarf is "der Schal".

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Q: How do you say scarf in German?
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What is scarf in German?

Halstuch. its a neckerchief

How do you say foulard in English?

a scarf or head scarf

How do you say scarf in polish?


How do you say scarf in Esperanto?


How do you say scarf in Russian?

The word is шарф, pronounced [sharf] with a long a just like in "scarf."

How do you say in french the scarf is beautiful?

Ton echarpe est joli. (your scarf is pretty/beautiful) L'echarpe est joli. (the scarf is pretty/beautiful)

How do you say vintage scarf in french?

scarfe or charlatan :)

What is the Kannada word for 'scarf'?

In Kannada, we would say Angavastra.

How can you use worn in a sentence?

The scarf was very worn out, so I had to throw it out. OR The scarf was very worn, so I threw it away. ***you don't have to say worn out, you can just say worn, but either works.

Do German Girl Guides Girl Scouts wear trousers?

a light blue blouse with a dark blue scarf

How do you say old woman with a scarf in polish?

"old woman with a scarf" in Polish is "stara kobieta z szalikiem".

How do you get scarves on Pokemon diamond I cant find were you get it.?

Go to Pastoria and make sure your your pokemons coolness toughness cuteness beautyness or smartness is full then talk to a guy and he will ask you if you want a scarf say yes. Diffrent Scarves Require diffrent conditions to be full. Full Coolness-Red scarf Full Cuteness-Pink scarf Full Smartness-Green scarf Full Beautyness-Blue scarf Full Toughness-Yellow scarf