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'Josefu' (note, the last vowel sound on the end of Japanese words is usually not pronouced.)


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ヨゼフの次男 /yo se fu no ji nan/.

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Q: How do you say second son of josef in Japanese?
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How do you say second son in Japanese?


How do you say son in Japanese?

musuko or chonan = 1st son jinan = 2nd son sannan = 3rd son yonnan = 4th son

How do you say Daniel son in Japanese?

"Daniel's son" would be ダニエルの息子 (DANIEL no musuko).

Who was Noah's second son?

Some would say 'Ham' is the middle or second son between Shem and Japheth.

How do you say son in different languages?

son in spanish: hijo son in italian: sono son in portuguese: são son in japanese: さ (Sa) son in korean: 아르 (aleu) son in french: sont

What are cute japanese boy names?

Kenji means second son, Ichiro is a somewhat common name.

What does the second son of a second son mean?

second son of a second son; so there's a guy and the guys wife has a son - her first son, then later they have another son - there second son .. so if they keep having sons the second one will always be the second son since he was born second ........ so later in life the second son of the man has a son - his first son .. then he has another one - his second one ...... so his second son is the 'second son of the second son' !!

What is the phrase ' second born son' when translated from English to Japanese?

Nibanme no musuko. But some second born sons are given the name 'second born son', which is 'Jiro'. First would be Ichiro (as in famous baseball player), third is 'Saburo'. After that I don't know.

Who or what were the Issie and the Nisei?

Nisei is Japanese that literally means second generation, from "ni" second + "sei" generation It was a son or daughter of Japanese immigrants who is born and educated in America and especially in the United States. Issei indicates a foreign born first generation Japanese American immigrant.

Did josef mengele have any kids?

mengele had one son that was his named rolf. he also had a step son that was, Martha Mengele's, the widow of his younger brother, Karl Jr. named dieter.

What did the scroll say that Taka's son handed Tom Cruise as he left for town?

It was the Japanese character for Samurai (侍).

How would you say Thirteenth Son in Japanese?

You may say 'juusan ban me no musuko,' written: 13番目の息子