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Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess.

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Q: How do you say sun god in Japanese?
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What did the ancient Japanese call their sun god?


What is the phrase 'God of sun' when translated from English to Japanese?

'God of the Sun' would be太陽神 (taiyoushin), while 'God of Sun' would be translated as 日の神 (hi no kami) in Japanese.

Why is the sun called helio?

The sun is called Helios because in japanese cultures, it is known as the sun god.

How do you say God in Japan?

In Japanese, God is 'kami-sama'.

How do you say dark sun in Japanese?


How do you say white sun in Japanese?

White sun: Howaido taiyou

How you say god in Japanese?

神 (kami)

What is the Japanese sun god's name?

I am not sure but I think his name is Hiruko.

How do you say God in Japanese?

kami samaGod in Japanese is 神様 Kamisama.

What is the Japanese translation of 'sun'?

You may say 'taiyou.'

What greek god represented the sun?

There are different variations of this.Some say the Titan Helios, who wasn't a god but still drove the Sun ChariotSome say the Olympian god Apollo ruled the sun and drove the Sun ChariotSome say Apollo represented or ruled the sun but it was Helios who drove the Sun Chariot.

How do you say god morning in Japanese?

Ohayo gozaimasu