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Q: How do you say swimming in German?
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When was German rescue swimming badge created?

German rescue swimming badge was created in 1913.

The color of the swimming cap that the German team wore?

In 2008 the German swimming team wore black costumes and black swimming caps.

How do you spell swimming in German?


How do you say swimming pool in German?

I like swimming = Ich mag schwimmen or Ich schwimme gern

What is the German word for swimming?

Schwimmen = to swim. Ich gehe schwimmen = I am going swimming.

What is the German word for 'freestyle' swimming?


How do you spell swimming in spanish?

natación This is 'swimming' the noun, not 'swimming' the participle. 'Swimming' the participle is nadando. To say, "The swimming team is swimming." in Spanish, you say, "El equipo de natación está nadando."

How do you say ' i know swimming'?

You could say it as "I am very familiar with swimming", or you could say it in different languages.

How do you spell swimming pool in German?

SchwimmbadAn open-air swimming pool is also known as a Freibad

What does snorkel mean in German?

Snorkel is not a German word, therefore; it has no meaning in German. In English, a snorkel is a tube that swimmers/divers use to breathe underwater. It's part of their diving masks. The English verb to snorkel is the actual act of swimming/diving with the snorkel. To say snorkel in German, the verb is schnorcheln, and the noun is der Schnorchel.

Can German shepards swim?

yes, but some German Shepard don't like to water/swimming. it depends upon the dog.

Who do you say war in German?

How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg"