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How do you say thank you for all you do in Portuguese?


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Obrigado por tudo que vocês fazem (estão fazendo)

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Obrigado, grato, agradecido. (All of them means "thank you")

Obrigado is the portuguese word for "thank you". There's no brazilian, there's only portuguese

lhe agradeça bonito: Which means-thank him/her beautiful

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. 'No, thank you' in Portuguese is Não, Obrigado. Obrigado is used to express gratitude, basically it means thank you. 'Não' means 'No.'

if you are a boy you say 'obrigado' if you are a girl you would say 'obrigada'

Obrigado! (if you are a man) Obrigada! (if you are a woman)

Muito obrigado, sir

Thank you in Guinea-Bissau:Portuguese =ObrigadoGuinea-Bissau Creole = Obrigadu

Obrigado para o aniversário desejo

Gracias- SpanishThank You- EnglishMerci - Frenchgrazie - Italianobrigado - Portuguesedanke - Germandank u - Dutch There are so many languages that there is no way that we could name them all.

If you are a woman, you must say "obrigada" If you are a man, you must say "obrigado" . However, it's common for many woman to say obrigado,but this applies only in informal talking.

A woman says : Obrigada. A man says : Obrigado.

If you're a guy it's obrigado and if you're a girl it's obrigada.

Obrigado means "thank-you" in Portuguese.

Muito Obrigado (a) thank you very much

Obrigado, amigo or.. > obrigado, meu amigo. (Thank you friend and Thank you my friend. )

Obrigado por ter vindo (if you are a male) Obrigada por ter vindo (if you are female)

say, "i would like to thank all who has helped." or, "i would like to thank you all"

( no offence) First of all the launguage in Brazil is portuguese. Dear in PORTUGUESE is Querido ( for a male ) and querida ( for a female )

Obligado is Portuguese for 'thank you'

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