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The components of sodium chloride (sodium and chlorine) are chemically bonded together in a fixed ratio and definite structure. A mixture does not have these traits.

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Q: How do you say that sodium chloride is a compound and not a mixture?
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Is sodium chloride a homogenous compound?

Yes, but it is redundant to say "homogeneous compound" as a compound is, by definition, homogeneous.

Is table salt a element mixture or compound?

i say its a compound

How can you say sodium chloride is a compound?

Because it is a definite substance formed from two different atoms: Na and Cl.

Will adding sodium to chloride in water give salinity of the water?

Salinity (or 'saltiness') is due to the compound sodium chloride, written NaCl, and adding more of this will increase the salinity. However never add metallic sodium to water, it produces a violent and dangerous reaction. So when you say 'adding sodium to chloride' I'm not sure what you mean. The compound sodium chloride is just cooking salt and quite harmless and you can add as much of that as you like, but sodium as an element is a different matter.

Is a table salt an element a compound a homogeneous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture?

A compound. As a solid, table salt consists of sodium cations (Na+) and chlorine anions (Cl-) which are arranged into a giant ionic lattice structure (which is held in place by the electrostatic attraction between the opposite charges on the ions) - the structure does not conduct electricity. In solution, this structure is lost as the salt dissolves; the oppositely charged ions are free to move about and pass each other, enabling the solution to conduct electricity. I would say that in solution or in a 'mixture' - depending on whether it is saturated, that it is a homogenous mixture as there is no physical difference in the state of the components of the mixture. Na+Cl-

is seawater a compound mixtue or element?

sodium is an element and also can be an ingredient of a compound. Sea water contains sodium(salt). They say rainwater is acidic, and if it is then the seawater also contains a form of acid, which is a compound to many types of solutions. Answer to your question: BOTH

How many chloride ions are in sodium chloride?

Well...depends who you ask :P. I guess two. Sodium Chloride is NaCl. It's an "ionic compound" which means the atoms are not covalently bonded, they actually exist as Na+ and Cl-. At this point, it's worth mentioning that an ion is any charged species. Positive or negative, they're both ions. The reason it's a bone of contention is because bonding is not black and white. Covalent or's a sliding scale and you can't just say where one begins and the other ends. That said, it is widely accepted that NaCl is a highly ionic bond.

What is the structural formula of NaCl?

Sodium Chloride is standard table salt. It is simply NaCl. You cannot however say salt in chemistry as the likes of Potassium Bromide, Copper sulphate, Hexamine are all considered salts (Many many many more)

Are eggs a compound or a mixture?

eggs are a compound no matter what you say

Is soda mixture?

Soda can refer to the chemical compound sodium carbonate, Na2CO3as well as to a fizzy drink. Soda the drink contains amongst other things dissolved carbon dioxide. So I would say it was a mixture.

Why don't you call table salt sodium chlorine?

Mainly because it is sodium chloride and salt is much easier to say.

Is NaCl soluble in alcohol?

Sodium chloride is very low soluble in ethanol: only 0,65 g/L at 20 0C.