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That is "Rakastamme sinua isoisä ja meille tulee ikävä sinua" in Finnish.

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Q: How do you say we love you grandpa and we will miss you in Finnish?
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How do you say grandpa in Finnish?

not sure about grandpa, but grandfather is isovanhempi

How do you say 'What if your love' in Finnish?

'What if your love' is 'Mita jos rakkautesi' in Finnish.

How do you say miss Katia in Finnish?

"neiti Katia"

How do you say i miss your face in Finnish?

Ikävöin kasvojasi.

if grandma doesn't like grandpa. What do i do?

ask grandma to love grandpa if say no say i wont love you anymore and i will call a case of husband abuse and then she will love grandpa

How do you say love from in Finnish?

Love from Mar: Rakkaudella, Mary.

How do you say my heart belongs to grandpa in finish?

"My heart belongs to" is an American/English saying with no direct translation in Finnish.

How do you say i love you in Finland?

"I love you" is "minä rakastan sinua" in Finnish.

How do you say i love you too in finnish?

"Minullakin on ikävä sinua" would be a standard language phrase. A spoken language phrase could be for example "mullakin on sua ikävä". This kind of a conversation 1: I miss you 2: Miss you too would be in a standard Finnish 1: Minulla on ikävä sinua / Ikävöin sinua 2: Minullakin on sinua ikävä / Minäkin ikävöin sinua and in the spoken Finnish 1: Mulla on sua ikävä 2: Mullakin sua

How do you say miss you grandpa in spanish?

To say 'I miss my grandpa' in Spanish you would say 'Echo de menos a mi abuelo'. In Italian you would say Mi manca mio nonno.

What are the finnish words for grandmother?

Say I will and always love you

How do I say I love you and miss you in Tongan?

How do I say I miss talking to you In Palau?