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When do you play that sport = Wann machst du den Sport

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Q: How do you say when do you play that sport in German?
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How do you say sport center in German?


What sport did the English and German troops play together?


What is the most known German sport?

id probaly say soccer

How do you say the word Sports in German?

Der Sport Die Sportarten

How do you say I play in German?

I play = Ich spiele

What sport does Mario Götze play?

Mario Gotze is a German football player.

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

Words that the mean the same as play?

In German: to play [a game/sport] = spielen the play (theater) = das Schauspiel/das Theaterstück

How do you say 'I play sport' in Swahili?

Ninachezo mchezo.

How do you say i don't like rugby in German?

you don't because its the best sport in the world

How do you say 'sports i play' in french?

je joue le sport - this means i play sports

How do you spell sport in German?

The word Sport remains the same in German.