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How do you say whisky in German?


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Whisky is spelled and pronounced the same in German.

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Whisky : Soda = 1 : 0! Whisky with soda is just wasted whisky!

Scottish. Do NOT say Scotch, unless you are referring to whisky.

You may be thing of Scotch Whisky. That is to say whiskey made in Scotland.

Scotch whisky is from Scotland.

Scotch whisky is whisky distilled in Scotland, usually from malted barley.

If spelled whisky (not whiskey) the i assume Scotch Whisky that is under Brittish regulation. Then Blend is any portion of grain whisky blended with malt whisky. Normally more grain than malt. It could also be a "blend malt whisky" then it is all malt whisky but from more than one dstillery.

Tea I would say Irn Bru or Whisky!

we would all be speaking German and drinking whisky by the army barracks of regiment 64!

to say where are you from in german you would say :Wo kommst du

To say body in German it is Körper

How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg"

Tranianieren is how you say practice in German.

The Whisky Barrel was created in 2007.

Adelphi Whisky was created in 1826.

are you asking as in alcoholic beverage??? I would say moonshine. which is a homemade whisky.

In order to say "My eyes" in German you say meine Augen

to say Rosie in German you say Rosie :) i like pie

German in German is 'Deutsch' Germany is 'Deutschland'

Whisky without an 'e' is scotch whisky, made in Scotland. Whiskey with an 'e' is American, Irish, Canadian and others except Japanese which has adopted the Scottish spelling.

Say that in German = Sag es auf Deutsch (informal) Say that in German = Sagen Sie es auf Deutsch (formal)

Blended Whisky IS Scotch. Blended Whisky is, as the name suggests, a carefully selected blend of different whiskies.

The German word for what is was.

We say 'Wie geht's?' to 'How are you?' in German language.

if you mean how do you say deep IN German then its "tief"

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