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¿Quién es tu maestro/a? (informally)

¿Quién es su maestro/a? (formally)

one can also replace "maestro/a" with "profesor/a," meaning professor

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"¿Quién es tu maestro de español?" Note that names of languages are not capitalized in Spanish.

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que es tu professor en espanol

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Q: How do you say who is your teacher in spanish?
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How do you say girl teacher in Spanish?

"Maestra" is the word for teacher in Spanish. To specify a female teacher, you can say "maestra."

How do you say a girl teacher in spanish?


How do you say teacher desk in Spanish?

If you want to say the teacher's desk in spanish you would say el escritorio.

How do we say I will be your teacher in spanish?

seré tu maestro

How do say teacher is spanish?

profesor/a (male/female)

How did Christina aguilar become Spanish?

im not lying when i say this she IS spanish my spanish teacher even told me.

How do you say My science teacher in Spanish?

"My science teacher," would be, "Mi profesor de ciencias."

How do you say who is the teacher in spanish?

Quién es el profesor

How do you say you are my teacher in spanish?

Usted es mi profesor/a

How do you say where is the teacher in spanish?

?donde esta el profesor?

How do you say goodafternoon teacher in spanish?

profesor buenas tardes

How do you say a mean teacher female in spanish?

Maestra mala