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im not lying when i say this she IS spanish my spanish teacher even told me.

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Q: How did Christina aguilar become Spanish?
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What is the birth name of Nashla Aguilar?

Nashla Aguilar's birth name is Nashla Aguilar Abraham.

When was Rafael Aguilar born?

Rafael Aguilar was born in 1926.

When was Cristobal Aguilar born?

Cristobal Aguilar was born in 1815.

When was Robert Peter Aguilar born?

Robert Peter Aguilar was born in 1931.

When was Gabriel Aguilar born?

Gabriel Aguilar was born on 1987-03-15.

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When was Christina Aguilar born?

Christina Aguilar was born on 1966-10-31.

How did Christina Aguilera become Spanish?

Her father was Latina.

What does aguilar mean in Spanish?

it means eagle in spanish yup if your last name is aguilar it means eagle:)whhhhoaaa aguilar soar:) it means eagle in spanish yup if your last name is aguilar it means eagle:)whhhhoaaa aguilar soar:)

How old is Christina aguilar?

serious??? You do. Not need to know..... She is 30 why ask....?

What are some of Christina Aguilar biography effects?

she helps people who is in need.

How do you spell AGUILAR in German?

Aguilar is a Spanish name and is not spelled differently in other languages. It is still Aguilar.

What religion is pepe Aguilar?

He is Spanish

Where did Christina Aguilar attend school?

She graduated from North Allegheny High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Are Gwen and Lady Gaga best friends?

no, her best friend, is Britney spears, Christina Aguilar, and Maddona!

White rb singers?

Teena Marie Taylor Dyne Robin Thicke Christina Aguilera ( although Spanish ) Tamara and the Scene The Family The Pussy Cat Dolls Teena Marie The Pussy Cat Dolls Robin Thicke Justin Timber lake Christina Aguilar The Family Taylor Dyne

Does Christina speak Spanish?


Who is geronimo de aguilar?

Geronimo de Aguilar was a Spanish priest who became known for his role as a translator and intermediary during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Shipwrecked in Yucatan, he learned the local Maya language and helped Hernan Cortes communicate with indigenous groups, including the Aztecs. Aguilar's knowledge of both Spanish and Maya was instrumental in facilitating the conquest of the Aztec Empire.