Where did Christina Aguilar attend school?

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She graduated from North Allegheny High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania.
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What schools did Christa McAuliffe attend?

Christa McAuliffe graduated from Marian High School in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1970; she then pursued her college education at Framingham State College, from which she graduated in 1970. She also completed a Master's Degree at Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland in 1978.

Did Christina Aguilera go to school?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYes she did. Just like all of us. But she was teased about her singing. I go to her old schools. She went to North Alleganey high school, Marshall Middle School and Marshall Elemtey school. All of the students watched an old tape of her the other da of her singing in the ta ( Full Answer )

What school did Christina Aguilera go to?

she went to marshall middle school i have some of the teachers she had in middle school like her spanish teacher and this January i will be sing beautiful by her at our school talent show like she did when she was in six grade but not that song and she went to the same elementary school as me mes al ( Full Answer )

What is the best school to attend to be an obstetrician?

It is very difficult to answer this question, but your worry is understandable. Look at the table of Top Universities for obstetrics and this may held. Depending on the university choice will depend on how quick you are accepted for work, no matter how great your GCSEs and A-Level grades were.

What school did Ralph Kiner attend?

Legendary baseball hall of fame inductee, Ralph Kiner, attendedAlhambra High School. He did not attend a secondary school orcollege.

Where did Minnie Evans attend school?

Minnie Evans only attended school until the sixth grade. The nameof the school is not known. She was an African-American folkartist.

Where did Walt Disney attend school?

Walt Disney never went to college. Walt attended McKinley High School in Chicago. At night he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, to better his drawing abilities.

What schools did Anders Celsius attend?

Anders Celsius studied at Uppsala University where his father wasteaching. Anders Celsius is best known for his proposal of theCelsius scale.

What school did crispus attucks attend?

According to many historians, Crispus Attucks was born a slave in1723. As he would have been a slave throughout his childhood, hewould not have attended school. He spent much of his life workingat sea on whaling ships. He is widely recognized as the firstAmerican casualty of the Boston Massacre, and ( Full Answer )

Where did Michael Jackson attend school?

He attended Gardner Street Elementary School Emerson Jr. HighSchool, and Montclair Prep high school, he and his brothers alsohad a private tutor with them when they were travelling.

Were slaves allowed to attend school?

it depends. some slaves had to read or write to go to the underground railroad. so maybe they can go to school. there might be a little private school or they mom might teach them. i my opinion no they did not go to school in general but yes they did go to a school that was a secret.

What schools did Walt Disney attend?

Walt Disney attended Benton Grammar School in Kansas City, MO from 1911 to 1917. That year his family moved to Chicago, IL where Walt began his freshman year at McKinley High School.

What high school did Christina Aguilera go to?

\nNorth Allegheny High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania haha i no this cuz my teacher went there and was tellin us how she was promiscuous and a little wierd, cuz she was on the cheerleading team with her.\n. \nyour welcome

Why didn't Christina Aguilera like her school?

actually - from attending north allegheny at the same time I can tell you she wasn't "bullied", I know some of the people that were in her class and she was not very nice and frequently acted like a diva, unhappy she wasn't getting "special treatment" . also she claimed in the past that she came to ( Full Answer )

Where did they attend school at?

Who is they? Where did they live? Too many questions too many people in the world to narrow it down to one they. Therefore I dont know if someone was trrying to see the answers that would come up in this world. You cant answer this question unless you know who THEY was and where THEY lived!

Are schools with uniforms better schools to attend?

i think so it is easier to get up in the morning if u know what i mean ( you dont have to spend an our picking out an outfit to wear to school the next day) and they some times have short skirts

Where did she attend school?

my whole family are very close to pixie (victoria) we meet up with her alot, she went to school with me and my brother, we all went to St Nicholas aka Chislehurst CofE primary school , pixie never really got bullied, yes she got occasionly made fun of for her height but don't we all?! Whe ( Full Answer )

What schools did Franklin Pierce attend?

He went to the Hancock and Francestown Academies and Bowdoin College where he graduated. He then studied privately under lawyers until he passed the bar exam.

Where did Betty Shabazz attend school?

After finishing high school, Shabazz initially attended Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Two years following, she transferred to a nursing school in New York called Brooklyn State Hospital.

What school did 'Jackie Robinson' attend?

Robinson graduated from Washington Junior High School and enrolled at John Muir High School. After Muir, Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College. After graduating from PJC in spring 1939, Robinson transferred to UCLA. (Wikipedia) . For the source and more detailed information concerning your requ ( Full Answer )

Where did Dr. Seuss attend school?

Dr. Seuss attended high school at Springfield Central High School. He then went on to attend college at Dartmouth College and Oxford.

What is schools did Halle Berry attend?

Halle attended Heskett Middle School and Bedford High School and Cuyahoga Community College. Not much is known of her Elementary school.

Did Roman children attend school?

Ancient Rome did not have a formal system of education. Children of humble background went to school until the age of 10-11. Teachers set up their own classes for a fee. They held the classes where they could, including in the back of shops, separated from the rest of the shop by just a curtain, and ( Full Answer )

Did Clementine Hunter attend school?

Clementine Hunter attended first grade for part of a year. When she was grown, she attended a few classes for adults, but she did not continue. She never learned to read or write. When she signed her paintings she put a C-H, since she could not even write her name. Her first language was Creole Fren ( Full Answer )

Where did shaggy attend school?

Orville Burrell of Kingston, Jamaica is called Shaggy due to hislikeness of the character in Scooby Doo. Shaggy did not attendcollege but opted to join the United States Marines.

Which school nakayama yuma attends?

That fact is not disclosed to the public. Only he, his family and friends know. However, his home is in Osaka, a city in the Kansai region of Japan. His high school is probably located there too.

What school did Jordan staal attend?

When Eric won the cup in 2006 I remember reading something about he took it to the school he grew up at which was Thunder Bay Christian Academy. Which means they all went there

What schools have Justin bieber attended?

his elementary school was a french immersion school called jeanne sauve catholic school, then he moved 2 northwestern 4 middle school, then he got a tutor from the school of young performers named jenny 2 teach him on the road.

What schools did Missy Elliott attend?

Missy attended Manor High School that in now called Woodrow Wilson High School on Elmhurst Lane in Portsmouth, VA 23701.

What school and what college did Shakespeare attend?

Shakespeare did not go to college. He was a high school (they called them grammar schools then) graduate. Some of his fellow playwrights who were University men looked down on him, particularly Greene, who called him an "upstart crow". His grammar school was the grammar school in Stratford.

How was Christina Aguilera schooling like?

She said it was pretty tough since lots of her classmates were jealous of her winning the competitions. She said they bullied her and slashed down their tires.

What school did Montel Williams attend?

Montel Williams was born on July 3, 1956, in Baltimore, to parents Herman and Marjorie Williams. He has a brother Herman Williams. He attended the Andover High School in Linthicum, Maryland where he was elected president of both his junior and senior classes.

How does attending school benefit the student?

if a student attends school then they are there and can do the work and therefore gain knowledge but if they don't attend school the student is not there and they can't learn, and if the student is in year 10,11,12 or even further more then when it comes to the time of the exam the student would not ( Full Answer )

What school did Biffy Clyro attend?

Belmont House School in Newton Mearns. Simon attended GlasgowUniversity and Ben and James attended Stow College.

Why is attendence important in high school?

Attendance is important because every day you are learning something. If you miss a day, it puts you behind and you are then one who ends up missing out.

What school does Jordan Jansen attend?

Currently Jordan Doesn't attend a public school , but he does schooling Online , but he still has to do assessments and homework :)

What private school do the Gosselins attend?

While the question is legitimate, on WA we refrain from posting detailed address (or school name/phone number/cell phone/private e-mail/etc) information. provide detailed information for the minor children featured in TLC's Kate Plus 8. It is WikiAnswers policy not to provide personal contact in ( Full Answer )

Why didnt Christina Aguilera like her school?

Christina experienced resentment and bullying including an incident in which her peers slashed the tires on her family's car because of her singing talent.

How do you prevent out of school youth from not attending school?

There are different ways of approaching this. Here are some that come to mind: 1. Make school more interesting and relevant for the students in question. It doesn't mean to change what is taught as much as how it is presented. If the problem is mostly among boys, then find ways to relate things ( Full Answer )