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Not sure of the spelling, but my grandfather said something that sounded like:"Du bis furick," or "You are crazy".

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How do you say idiot in German?

Dummkopf = slow, dull witted Idiot = idiot

How do you say he is an idiot in German?

Er ist ein Idiot.

What Is The German Word For Idiot?

The German word for Idiot is "Trottel"

How can you say you're an idiot in German?

Du bist ein Dummkopf.

How do you say retard in German?

Der Depp, or Der Vollidiot/full idiot

What is word for idiot in German?

Idiot Trottel Volltrottel Depp

How do say jerk in German?

The correct translation is: Dummkopf, Trottel But i think Idiot, Depp, Arsch is also ok..

How do you say idiot in Pakistani?

You idiot

How do you say your an idoit in German?

In English: "You're an idiot."In Deutsch: "Du bist ein Idiot."Or "Du bist ein Dummkopf".Please note proper spelling of "you're" in the English.

How do you say you idiot in Norway?

"Din idiot" = you idiot "Din" is pronounced like "seen" with a D, But normally Norwegians just say "idiot".

How do you say idiot in Korean?

if you want to "you are idiot", you would say "babo ya" or if you want to say just idiot, you would say "babo" source by Korean

How do you say 'idiot' in Spanish?


How do you say jed your are a idiot in japanese?

to say idiot in japanese say "baka". it's pronuciated just as it is said.

What does Depp mean in German?

Depp = idiot, fool

What is the word dummkopf in the German language?


How do you say be quiet you idiot in spanish?

Callate, tonto. : Be quiet, idiot. This is rude to say though.

How do you say idiot in Telugu?

'Lachimi' is stupid but there is no definition for idiot.

How do you say you're an idiot in Korean?

idiot is bhabo in korean...

How do you say idiot in Japanese?

Idiot in Japanese is Baka.

How do you say idiot in Russian?

идиот (Idiot), or дурак (Fool).

How do you say your a jerk in German?

Du bist ein Idiot Du bist ein Vollidiot Du bist ein Blödmann

What is the word 'idiot' when translated from English to Indonesian?

You could just say idiot or bego.

How do you say idiot in Korean just the word idiot?


How do you say I am an idiot in French?

Je suis un idiot / une idiote.

What is a Root word of prime?

pimperascabogerstazerhamengruber which in German literaly means, you are an idiot