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Q: How do you say your the best meme re a girl could have in french?
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What are the best meme apps?

Currently the best meme app for Android is Memegram.

What is likewise in french?


What is la meme in french?

The same

How do you say 'MY SELF in French?


How do you say in the same in french?

dans le meme

What language if any calls their grandmother meme?


What is the best meme?


How do you spell meme in french?

if you are referring to the English word "Same" then the French translation for that is "même".

What does the french phrase moi-meme mean in English?


How do you say same things in french?

La meme chose

What does 'meme' mean in French?

même (with an accent circumflex over the first e) means "even" in french.

What does Battier mean in french?

Battier c'est le meme chose

In what language is 'meme' the word for 'grandmother'?

The word 'meme' means 'grandmother' in French. Actually, a more accurate translation is 'grandma' or 'granny'. For the more formal term 'grandmother' actually is 'grand-mere' in French.

How do you say more about myself in french?

raconteur plus de moi meme

What does je suis le meme mean in french?

The English translation is I am the same me.

How do you say grand mother in french?

Grandmere, meme, Mamie, grandmaman, Or bonnemaman.

Where can a YouTuber find a listing of the most popular meme videos?

There are a number of places where one could find a list of popular meme videos. Some websites where this is possible include Know Your Meme and Net For Beginners.

What meme is this?

What do you mean this meme i don't see a meme.

What does the french word meme mean?

Same or Both

How do you say get down you in French Descendre toi or descendre toi-meme?

Descendre toi

How do you translate 'meme pas en reve' from french to English?

it means: 'not even in dream'

Who invented meme?

Memes have been around as long as humans have been, so nobody invented memes in general. A meme can be just about anything that is passed around though a society. Specific modern day internet memes have creators, and there are so many famous memes that it would be best to check out the meme encyclopedia "Know Your Meme" for info on any meme you need.

What does unis d'un meme effort mean in French?

"Unis d'un même effort" means "united by the same effort" in French.

Is Meme French for mother or grandmother?

Mémé is french for grandma. Grandmere is grandmother (more formal) and mom is maman and mother is mere.

How popular is the Kung Fu Baby meme?

The Kung Fu Baby meme is extremely popular. This meme can be found on numerous website including Quick Meme, Known Your Meme, Cheezburger, and Meme Center.