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Internet memes are basically the fads of the internet. Memes are fads, actions, jokes, or other ideas that are passed from one person to another. Some examples of internet memes are the Keanu Reeves is sad captions, Grumpy Cat, planking, The Harlem Shake, and the Hamster Dance. Social media often plays a key role in an item becoming an internet meme.

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Star Wars
Internet Memes

What would you name Baby Yoda?

Green Bean

Internet Memes
Subjective Questions

What's your favorite meme?

The real movie that this is from, Uncut Gems, is excellent. Worth checking out!

Internet Memes

What does it mean to be 'Rickrolled'?

You've been Rickrolled!

A 'rickroll' is a prank played on an unsuspecting web surfer. To be rickrolled is when browsing a website (especially a discussion forum or comment board), one comes across a link expecting it to lead to one thing, but finds something completely different when the link is clicked.

The name Rick refers to '80s pop singer Rick Astley. The standard rickroll generally involves someone posting a link claiming it leads to something quite interesting (e.g., hot chicks in panties), but actually linking to a video of Mr. Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." This is usually considered a major let-down.

Internet Memes

What does j' ai la meme robe mean in french?

"j'ai la même robe" means "I've got the same dress".

Internet Memes

'de meme que je'?

"de même que je ..." means "in the same way as I ..."

Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Internet Memes

Epic sax guy plays which notes?

{f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# a f# e d} {b b c# d}

Internet Memes

What do Parfois a voir le meilleur dans d autres il faut voir les de'fauts en vous-meme means in enghlish?

Sometimes, to see the best in others, you must see the faults in yourself.

Internet Memes

When did gabe the dog die?

he was struggling with his heart and later it became much worse. his birth and death time: 2011-2017. r.i.p gabe the dog never forgotten. at least he,s in a better place. a place called, heaven.

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Did smosh make all the memes?

No actually most of the memes smosh uses are ones that have been around for a while. There ae newer ones they use, and they are from other places too.

Internet Memes

What does trouve un mot de la meme famille in English?

Find a word of the same family

Internet Memes

What is the meaning of je ne compte meme pas venir in English?

I think I won't even come

Internet Memes

La meme chose à toi to english?

"same to you / for you"

Roughly, "you too"!

Internet Memes

What is a kink meme?

A Kink Meme is usually a journal entry/community found on LJ and other fandom-centric social networking sites. Basically, individuals make fic requests that usually involve sexual content, and fill other prompts that have been made.

The result is usually hundreds of comments filled with anonymously-written, sexually-explicit fanfiction.

Internet Memes

Je vous aime et vous ne savez pas meme?

I love you and you don't even know it

Internet Memes

What do i do when the shrek memes die?

when shrek memes die, we die along with it

Internet Memes

Are memes dank memes?

le epicly FART

Internet Memes

What was the first meme?

I think its the T-pose because Jesus is on the cross, look at his arms Its looks like a lazy t pose

Urban Legends
Internet Memes

Why does slender man want 20 dollars?

because hes broke and he just likes dancing to the song XD

Internet Memes

Where did the internet meme 1337 come from?

1337 comes from what the numbers would represent if transformed into alphabetical characters. l - e - e - t. It has no specific origin.

Internet Memes

Meme chose pour vous mon amour?

Same for my love

Internet Memes

How do you pronounce meme?


Internet Memes

How do you make memes?

By drawing a basic comic and then making it funny.

Internet Memes

Nous sommes nes de la meme mere la meme anne le meme mois la meme heure mais nous ne sommes ni jumeaux ni jumelles qui sommes nous?

Des poissons

Internet Memes

Can you help you identify the internet meme with the old tapestry and medieval translations of internet phrases?

The bayeux tapestry is the one. It's based on the bayeux tapestry.

Internet Memes

What does the french word meme mean?





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