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Q: How do you scratches out of lenses?
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How do you get scratches from sunglasses?

Unfortunately, if you scratch your sunglass lenses - you will need to replace the lenses completely as the scratches cannot be polished out. If you purchase a pair of designer sunglasses from a reputable supplier, they can usually order replacement lenses for you.

Scratches on sunglass lenses?

Use toothpaste.... takes the scratches of and makes them look brand new! (:

What product will remove scratches from sunglass lenses?

I have used Pledge before and it usually works great on scratches.

What are some examples of surface defects in spectacle lenses?

* Cracks * Scratches * Peeling (if there is a coating on the lens)

How do you remove scratches from polycarbonate eyeglass lenses?

I am using toothpaste, rubbing in small circles with a soft cloth. Takes 4-5 applications.

What would be the result of cleaning the lenses with something other than lens paper on a microscope?

You could cause scratches, more dust, and make smudges.

Does a soft case protect your camera at all?

A soft case will protect a camera from being damaged if it were to fall. It can also protect sensitive lenses from scratches.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 2003 4Runner to clean the plastic covering on the gauges?

There's a product made by Maguire's called Plastix that will remove any scratches on the instrument panel lenses. I use it on my 03 Limited 4runner, including the headlight and tailight lenses. Cheers,

What are the risks of wearing a daily wear contact lens overnight?

Wearing contact daily lenses overnight can be a bit uncomfortable. At night, it is best to remove the lenses. Contact lenses worn for longer than daily wear require soaking and disinfection. The eyes can become red, irritated. You can even develop scratches on the cornea from overwearing the lenses. Protein deposit develop during wear. These deposits are only removed by soaking.

What is different between diamond hard lens and normal lens on ray ban?

From what I read, the diamond hard lenses are supposed to be 10 times more resistant to scratches.

Are spectacles opaque?

Spectacles is an older word for eyeglasses. If spectacles were opaque, no one could see through the lenses. The glass (now plastic) used in spectacles must be clear and without scratches.

Are circle lenses safe?

yeah! definitely! i heard that because they are bigger in size that it scratches your cornea but nobody has experienced it yet so that might be a possibility. Its not FDA approved in the US but it is in Korea . the bestest site to get circle lenses for cheap and is 100% authentic is: & also

What are examples of types of lenses?

Types of lenses include wide angle lenses, normal lenses, telephoto lenses, prime lenses, zoom lenses, macro lenses, Aperture etc..,

What is amara lenses?

Sama Contact Lenses - Get the trending contact lenses online at affordable prices in Dubai, we provide the best toric lenses, bella lenses, amara lenses and contact lenses online.

How do you get rid of scratches?

always put lotion on your scratches

Will turtle wax work on fixing scratches on xbox games?

No. You can get a store to buff the disks to minimize the scratches. If they are deep scratches though, it will not work.

When was Scratches of Spain created?

Scratches of Spain was created in 1987.

How do you remove scratches from plastic?

Scratches can rarely be removed fro plastic. The only way to remove scratches from plastic is to melt the abrasions.

How do I get scratches out of a marble table top?

How do I get scratches out of a marble table top?

What do you do when the mouse scratches itself?

My mouse scratches himself to clean himself.

What is the duration of Scratches in the Table?

The duration of Scratches in the Table is 1.33 hours.

How do you remove scratches from a car?

To remove scratches from a car, you can buff them if they are shallow scratches. Begin by gathering a buffing wax and a buffing pad. Lightly buff the area until the scratches disappear. Then, remove the wax by wiping gently.

How are concave lenses and convex lenses different?

concave lenses are thicker at the edges and convex lenses are thicker in the middle

What kind of lenses do Canon cameras need?

There are many different lenses for cameras; Wide angle lenses, standard lenses, portrait lenses, telephoto lenses and more. Canon has its own brand of lenses but also Sigma y Tamron are offering compatible lenses for it, it just depends on the price and the quality you are looking for

How are cat scratches different then tiger scratches?

Cat scratches are slightly smaller, unless the cat is very large, and come from a different animal. The Tiger.