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It really depends if your going out with him or not...

If you are: You would have already made out by this point so when your making out with a guy maybe stop to kiss his neck then grab his hands and put them on you body..


Seducing means something sexual to most people. Being subtle but a little playful (less than aggressive), consider a date where you wear a short skirt and no panties (or take them off, if you do this, you should shave your pubic hair). Allow him to "accidentally" see up your skirt, or brush against him with a hand in suggestive ways (his rear, crotch), Wear a top that will let only him see your breasts when you lean forward, for instance.

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How do you seduce a boy and make him happy?

Just be yourself , you dont need to seduce a guy just to make him like you.

How to Seduce a girl with a boyfriend?

be better than her boy freinde

How do you seduce boy to be gay?

You don't seduce him to be gay. Let him make up his own mind. If you try to seduce him, he won't want to be around you. And if you succeed, chances are he'll hate you for lying just to get him into bed, and tell everyone what you did.

Meaning of seduce?

meaning of seduce me

How does a 16 year old boy seduce a 15 year old boy?

By talking to them, figuring out what they like, the kind of things they like. Favorite foods.

Is it illegal for and 18 year old girl to seduce a 16 year old boy?

No, not at all. Please do NOT.

Does kissing a boy on his neck seduces him?

Yes. It is also a sign of taking your relationship to a new level. seduce, not seduces.

How do you seduce a boy that is your brothers friend?

you shouldn't, your brother will be mad at his friend and at you.

How do you seduce this older boy there is a boy coming to visit me and my family next may i know he has a huge crush on me and we could have some fun but how do i seduce him b4 we have sex?

Make yourself horny Flirt Leave a condom and panties on his pillow Brush your face along his while walking past if possible

Can you give me a sentence for the word seduce?

She used the promise of her body to seduce him. The lure of easy money was enough the seduce her to do his will.

What does seduce my mind you can have my body seduce my soul and I'm yours forever mean?

seduce my mind means be decent on the showing but seduce my soul means you are pure! You are mine ... Answer and I am yours!

How do girls get boys?

By being themselves. A boy who you "get" for any other reason won't last. Or you can dress like a slut and seduce them

If your a boy what if a girl approcahes you?

Depends if she is pretty seduce her with your charms. If she is ugly slap and say I just had a bf B**** fit!

How do you seduce a older lady?

the same way you seduce a younger lady.

How do you seduce a teen girl?

YOU don't they seduce you p.s: just for asking your a loser

How do you seduce a girl of age 16?

you cannot "seduce" her. you have to wait until she is readyy. :/

How can you seduce people to vote for you in an election?

the word you are looking for is "persuade" not seduce, and you can do it by using rhetoric and politics

How do you say seduce the liar in spanish?

seducir el mentiroso/la mentirosa = to seduce the (male/female) liar (pronounced 'saydooTHEER ell menteeRAWsaw/la menteeRAWsah') seduce el mentiroso/la mentirosa = seduce the lair! (pronounced 'sayDOOTHay etc.')

How to seduce a black guy?

The same way you would seduce any male - the race of the male makes no difference.

What are the release dates for Seduce Me - 2010?

Seduce Me - 2010 was released on: USA: 25 May 2010

You are 12 how do you seduce with a 14 year old boy on facebook?

You don't ! you are very young and immature. Wait until you are at least 16 before trying these games.

What rhymes with excuse?


How do you seduce a gal?

with money

What to do to attract spiders?

Seduce it.

How can you seduce your doctor?

i wouldent