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Moons and Natural Satellites

How do you see satelites?


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On a dark cloud free night you lie on your back and look up.


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pictures from satelites

Yes you can see the satelites from earth but onli on a dark night where not many light is asround your area. Though you can only see it if the satelite is passing over your area in space.

satelites. really detailed satelites

to find out if theres life to fix satelites and to see if plants can survive

The satelites are 34987.97675 miles from earth..

satelites are used for getting a signal from somewhere for the weather forecast or the television arial

it carries wind into the earth.

Things in space are tracked by satelites we send out. They take pictures and of different items in space and send them to the computers of the people who sent the satelites.

GPS use satelites to track the position, satelites are orbiting the earth all over so when you are lost in the ocean it will reach a few satelites then will need to reach one more to get to the one in your hand.

I think that theyre called satelites

A moon. Moons are natural satelites.

tv, radio, internet etc...........

In elliptical orbits, of course.

There are no natural satellites.

We do - its called the moon.

the Asteroid belt has no satelites all the asteroids that make up the belt is another asteroids satelite so there would be thousands of satelites

It has no known natural satelites (or moons) and currently has no man made satelites. We have sent probes there to map the surface in the past though.

Scientists have discovered two moons.

they are the four biggeset moons orbiting Jupiter

The correct spelling of the plural noun is "satellites".

There are no satellites or robots on Neptune.

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