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How do you send a picture email from a iPad to a website?


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Go into the email app, attach a photo, and send it to the website's email.


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1. Go to your email provider website, sign in and attach a picture to a new email, type in the email you want the picture to go and send :D. 2. Use a email client which will you need to download and attach your email to.

you send it via your email

yes you can first send a text message to you email from your phone and get the email it came with then send a picture to your phone with that email yes you can first send a text message to you email from your phone and get the email it came with then send a picture to your phone with that email

It can be. The iPad can connect with virtually all types of email servers to allow you to send and receive.

first you take a picture then on a different computer send it to your other email then you can send it to everybody

Get the picture from phone, click Compose to send new email. Use the Attached or send file or add file ( depend on your email setting and programs )that picture into the email Send and you are done!

You send pictures as an attachment

Yes, you can use a web-based email program like Hotmail or GMail and email someone you know and ask them to buy it for you for your birthday.

in a picture message, attach the picture and then where it says who to send it to put the email address you need to send it to

Right Click it. Then go to Email Picture.

push send and connect phone to computer :)

delete all attachment to my email .or picture i send out.

I have the picture for M52 Mauser 98 Kongsberg, just send me email and I send you back the pictures my email is

You would have to use email. So send an email from your phone with the picture to your computer. If you don't have an email compatible phone, picture mail it to a friend that does. Hope that answers your question!

All buddies have their differ and specific id from facebook. Just send picture to that email ~id

You have to add an attachment to your email.

first you get an email for your phone and then send the picture to that email no that ^^^ doesnt work. i tried it before but i still don't know how.

well you take a picture of the page then you copy and paste it on your email and send it

Send and email to the account you have though your phone, then copy the image to your photo file.

I can't send a zip file from my ipad to my laptop, and i can't change the file extension. I have tried everything and I can't send the file from my ipad to my laptop. I have also used all of my emails; and

A sprint phone sends picture email by the user taking a photo with the sprint phone and then with the picture displayed select the contact you wish to send the picture email to. The user would then press Continue, compose a message in the space provided and then press Send.

It's easy all you have to do is send the picture to your email as a picture message....after that go to your email see your picture then cut copy paste then post it on facebook..>=) hope this works

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