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Q: How do you send an email to your friends cellphone like a txt message specifically to a sprint phone?
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What cellphone does jay z use?


Are there any cellphone cases that are waterproof?

Sprint, motorola, and Nokia all make cellphone cases that are waterproof.

Can one purchase music for a cellphone from Sprint?

Sprint sells cellphones and cellphone plans. Music for mobile devices can be purchased at places like Itunes, Amazon, Purchasemusiconline, and Emusic.

What kind of cellphone does Taylor Lautner have?

nokia on the sprint plan

What do you mean by sprint text message?

Sprint is a cell phone network in the United States that enables it subscribers to communicate in multiple ways including calls and text. A Sprint text message is a text message sent via the Sprint network.

What does sprint to sprint mean?

Sprint customer (aka you) to another sprint customer (aka your friends or whatever)

What type of cellphone companies are there?

there's sprint, verizon, at&t, t-mobile, and many more.

How can one send an SMS message to a Sprint phone?

One may send an SMS message to a Sprint phone by simply using the SMS feature of the sending phone. The sender of the message does need to know what network or brand of phone they are sending the message to.

How do you transfer your Sprint phone numbers to another phone?

If you are transferring your number to another sprint cellphone, simply call them up, and ask them to transfer your number upon activation. If you are going to a new mobile phone carrier, ask that company if they have the ability to let you keep your old cellphone number.

where can i find someone to clean a pond?

Its likely that you can use your old phone on the sprint network for a prepaid cellphone plan. Its better to call Sprint directly to get an in detail answer 866-866-7509.

What is the animal in sprint iPhone 6 commercial?

The animal in the Sprint iPhone 6 commercial is a dog. More specifically, it is a hound dog.

How much is Sprint's family cellphone plans?

The best way to find out the current rates of Sprint's family cellphone plans is either to vist a Sprint dealer or look online. I found great Sprint Plans for around $100 month. However, there are special perks for families including phones and free mobil to mobil.

What kind of cellphone plans do they have at Sprint?

At Sprint they have a bunch of plans. There is the simply everything plan, next is the everything data plan, the everything messaging plan, the talk plan and the basic plan. They also have the no contract plan.

Where does my sprint mobile phone get service?

For every phone there is a cellphone tower that is giving service for the cellphone provider that you payed for. If you bought your phone at Sprint then it is probably getting service from Sprint.

Would sprint charge you if someone calls you out of state?

If you have a Sprint cellphone, you will pay for an incoming call if you exceed the allowed included minutes in your calling plan, but that charge does not depend on where the call originates. If you have Sprint long distance service on your landline, you will not pay for incoming calls, unless you accept a collect call.

where can i get wireless internet for my laptop ?

If your looking to go completely mobile the best solution would be to purchase a data card from a cellphone carrier such as Verizon or Sprint.

How can i send video from YouTube to my sprint phone?

1. Copy and Paste the link for the video on YouTube. 2. Use Sprint's internet to phone texting page at: and Paste the link as the message. 3. When the message arrives, the link should be clickable on your Sprint phone. 4. The video should open properly on your Sprint phone.

Does Sprint online offer better promotions when buying a cell phone?

"Yes, I am sure that Sprint online offers better promotions than if you were to personally go to their store to purchase a new cellphone. You can usually find better deals online."

Where can you find on line information on Sprint Wireless plans?

You can find information about Sprint Wireless plans by going to the sprintpcs website. You can also ask your friends on a social networking site if they have any experience with sprint!

How much did it cost to create the Sprint logo?

I don't know that it is indicated anywhere specifically what the cost of the Sprint logo was to produce. There are different logos in existence over the years as well.

Where can one purchase a cellular phone?

One can purchase a cellular phone from any cellphone provider. Some of the popular providers include AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. One can buy the phone either online or at the cellphone provider store.

How do you send a text message to a Sprint customer using your email?

go to :

Which carrier offers the best prepaid cellphone plans in Texas?

The best prepaid cellular plans can come from Verizon and Sprint which are available even in other countries.

Are colour mobile phones available on Sprint?

I would research a sprint website. Or maybe even visit or call a local sprint store. Ask around maybe your family, friends, or neighbors would also know.

How does Nokia Mobile compare to Sprint?

Nokia mobile is affiliated with the AT&T company. Sprint is a company that uses different cellphone towers than those used by Nokia. They both have a lot of the same features but some may have better service in some areas.