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Hi You Can Send Free Sms To Pakistan on All Networks You Can Visat These Sites.And Also You Can Send Free Sms From All Over The World

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Yes you can do that by using any good web2sms website like:

Exactly the same way you send a text to that mobile if it's in America.

There are two best websites for free sms from net to Mobile are sms4smile urdumaza Enjoy free sms service.

There are several sites online that allow one to send free SMS messages in Pakistan. These include Send 92, Free SMS Link, Fun Moz, Globe Fone, and A Free SMS.

You can send free sms by airtel mobile by changing the message center code.

you can use google voice to send and receive text messages on your pc to a mobile phone for free.

get free alerts on your mobile send join sachinfanz to 9219592195 from your mobile

i want pakistan ARY news telephone number send please

You can send free sms to mobile phones using online websites. Below mentioned website allows free international SMS

We can send music mobile to mobile Bluetooth and shareit....

Try using Free SMS services such as

Yes, it is possible to send messages from the iPod Touch to a mobile phone. You have to download a free texting app (which requires Wi-Fi).

ygo to this site and upload a picture+email+alias=free sms can even put fake email,alias and

You can send free MMS from your PC to any mobile phone in India, using your own content or bollywood / cricket pictures, on MMS-Club -

There seem to be a few different apps for android phones that will allow you to send free SMS messages to Pakistan as well as other countries so the answer to the question would be yes.

Absolutely not. I have unlimited text and pictures, and I send pictures to facebook mobile all the time, free of charge.

YES,You can send FREE SMS without any information about you.That is :

send the pics to, it only works if u have a mobile acount

Yes, from USPS u can send vitamins to pakistan after getting informations from ppl working..

i think there is a web site on the internet that you can use to sent free sms. just go to google and type in free sms Edited: use this website straightaway:

its not possible still day...hope it will come soon......

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