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Q: How do you send mail to actor vikram and rajinikanth?
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What is actor Alec Baldwin's fan mail address?

Please , send to me e-mail address Alec Baldwin senka

What is Orlando Bloom's fan mail address?

Actor Orlando Bloom actually does have a fan mail address for fans to send him letters. The address and guidelines can be found at

Height of wollywood actor amir khan?

Hi Aamir Khan Plz Send Your Personal E-Mail Address.

What is Charlie Sheen's official fan mail address?

You can send fan mail to actor Charlie Sheen at this address: Charlie Sheen Evolution Entertainment, Inc. 901 N. Highland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038 USA

How do you send mail in Gmail?

You have to compose a message or mail to send it. You can do it by clicking on Compose button. After composing the mail, type the recipient and click send.

How do you send a email to troy from high school musical?

Troy is a fictional character. It would be very hard to find the email address of the actor - Zac Efron. You would have to send a fan letter by mail to Zac Efron's fan division.

What is e-mail?

Email is a system where you can send messages to your friends or send photos of your trips. E-mail is a electronic mail, its very suitable example for networking. Whatever we want to send any thing it will send from anywher to anywhere. This known as E-mail.

How can you send an autograph request to shahrukh khan?

You can send an autograph request to shahrukh khan by these steps. 1. get his mail address then get a mail. 2. send him a mail asking for his autograph.

Can you send hair spray through the mail?

can I send hair spray through the mail

What do you send emails with?

Normally one uses an e-mail client or a web browser to send mail.

Do you need voip to send voice mail?

Yes you need VoIP to send voice mail. Other regular phone has capability to send and receive voicemail. It depends on the model of the phone you use to send voice mail.

How do you send an email from Gmail to naver?

You need a recipient ID to send an email. If you do not have any ID, you can't send the mail. To send a mail to naver, you need his Email ID.

I have an email account. how do i send something from gmail?

You have to compose a mail to send. It is on top right corner of the page. Then you write your mail and send it.

How do you send a fan mail to Selena Gomez?

First of all you put it in the mail box and send it.

Were can i send mail to Katy Perry?

You can send mail to Katy Perry on Twitter or on Facebook if you tryed.

What is an example of proper email etiquette?

not send flame mail (mail written in anger); not send duplicate copies of private e-mail without letting the recipient know who else is getting it; and not send unsolicited mail, such as pyramid schemes, chain letters, and junk mail.

How do you send e mail?

press send

How can i send mail to undisclosed mail receipients in Gmail?

You cannot send a mail to undisclosed mail recepients. It is because mailing is a private and professional service. You cannot spam someone's mailbox.

Can you send my answer to my mail id?


Is it illegal to send hair in the mail?

It is not illegal to send hair in the mail. Sending hair in the mail would be weird, but it is not illegal because it causes no harm to the mailer and the mailing company.

Is it illegal to send pot through the mail to yourself?

It is a crime to send any illegal substance through the mail.

How do you send mail to an fairy on pixie hollow?

You cant send mail, only a note. You can do so on their pixie page.

Where can you send Sean Combs mail?

You can send mail to Sean Combs at his official fan mail address. Send the mail to Sean Combs, Violator Management & Records, 36 West 25th Street, 2nd Floor, new York, NY 10010.

Is it legal to send poop via us mail service?

No, you can't send "Poop" via US Mail Service, its illegal if you send for absolutely no reason.

Can you send an attachment from your Gmail account to a Hotmail account?

Yes, you can send attachment across servers. The mail carries the data with it. It can send it to other mail servers.