How do you send ringtones from a iPod touch to your cell phone for free?

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You can use Bluetooth (although very slow with idevices), you can also email them to yourself or you can file transfer them from your desktop computer.
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How do you send ringtone from computer to cell phone?

this is complitly depand on the type of mobile phone. u can easily send ring tone from computer to mobile by using BlueTooth, Infrared (Ir), or Data Cable. If your mobile is c

Free ringtones for net10 cell phones? u can chose this and get all ringtonesss as u like and in this u can dwnld songs ringtones images and many more If you have the internet on the ph

What website can send free ringtones to your phone?

the person who answered this question before DID NOT ANSWER IT. but, and are the best two ive found. they have alot of knockoff's of sonqs but if you ke
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What cell phone companies give free ringtone downloads?

Many of the newer phones that are able to download apps have some free apps that will allow you to download free ring tones. Most cellphone companies offer these type of phone
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Where can one get free cell phone ringtones?

Some phones allow you to connect them to your computer and you can transfer songs from your computer to your phone and use that as a ringtone. Also, there are free ringtone ap
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Does Myxer have free cell phone ringtones?

Myxer has free cell phone ringtones. They have many to choose from for people with different tastes in cell phone ringtones. They also have free wallpaper and free videos.