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How do you send texts?

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You send a text message.

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Can you send 02 texts to oz?

no, but you can send 01 texts to bs

Cannot send text messages on tracfone Motorola v170?

Tracfone states you cannot send texts in all areas. I have a Tracfone and I send texts all the time.

Can you text on a iPad?

If you mean to send a message from an ipad to a phone (or any device that receives texts), yes, you can. The only thing is is that you need wifi or 3g. You can send texts by installing an app from the app store that allows you send texts (the one i use is called Text Now. You can send texts and make calls, but you have to pay to make calls). Hope this helps! :)

How do you tempt a girl to a sex mood?

send her some Naughty texts (no pictures but texts)

How can one send free texts from the O2 website?

In order to send free texts from the O2 website, you must have an O2 online account. Depending on the type of account you have, you can send between 10 and 500 free texts each month.To send the free texts, sign into your O2 account and click on "Send a free text message," which will allow you to enter a cell phone number that will receive the text.

How much texts can you send in a day with text free unlimited?

Well you get unlimite texts meaning you can text as many texts you want in day as your texts are unlimited ..

Why do we send texts?

People send texts to communicate with each other, and just to talk, because if you are somewhere else, you may still want to chat with your friends

How many texts does the average teenager send?

this is jst me but last time i checked,i sent 3,0467 texts

Why won't my phone send texts?

look in your options

Do you need Instant Messager to send a text from your computer?

No, you can go to the providers sites and send texts from there

Can you send texts on an iPod touch?

yea if u get the app for it.

Does it cost money to send or receive text messages to an email or AOL?

no it doesn't. it only costs money if you're plan doesn't allow you to send texts or receive texts for free however if you have an unlimited plan then the texts are included in that flat rate.

How much does it cost to send and receive text messages with Asda mobile?

When using ASDA mobile you are not able to send or receive texts without a plan. The cost of the plan depends on how many texts you want to be able to send per month.

Can your parents read your iPhone texts online?

No, they cannot. Individual texts are not recorded into your phone provider's records, but the time you send and receive texts are recorded and can be viewed online by your parents.

Where can free texts be obtained?

There are a variety of phone companies that allow for free texts with payment of a monthly plan. There are also ways to use new technology such as an ipad to send texts.

How do you send texts to your email?

on your phone, go to "new message" then type in your email address. then type whatever your wanting to send. then send it. easy as that..

What Rhymes with bring on the men in 2010?

bang out the texts And Then you hit Send.

What is unlimited texts?

having no limit of the text messages you can send or receive

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