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sugar can dissolve in alcohol but salt cant dissolve in alcohol.we add the mixture in alcohol and filtrater it and get sugar alcohol solution one side and salt left other side

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Put the mixture in alcohol. The sugar will dissolve, but the salt won't. Then, you can separate them.

It's not going to be super easy. Column chromatography could separate the salt and sugar, followed by distillation/evaporation to separate the water and salt.

Sugar burns when it is heated to a very high temperature. Salt does not burn.

Put the mixture in alcohol and only the sugar will dissolve, then you can take the salt out, and when the water evaporates, the sugar will be left.

A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar.

Put the mixture in alcohol, stir, and only the sugar will dissolve. then take out the salt and boil the sugar/alcohol solution so the alcohol evaporates and only the sugar is left.

Glass is separated by fitration. Sugar can be separated from salt by a repeated process of crystallization/recrystalization.

Put them in water. Sugar dissolves, sand remains Filter the solution to separate sand and salt. Evaporate solution with dissolved salt to get salt back

well, i think you lick it. The salt tastes salty, and the sugar tastes sweet. Isn't that simple?

Pour the mixture in alcohol. The sugar will dissolve and the salt can be separated, and then, pour water on the alcohol/sugar solution. Wait for the water/alcohol to evaporate, then the sugar will be left.

You can separate dry salt and sugar by adding alcohol.

added alcohol to the mixture.. sugar is an organic compound having carbon atom. it can be easily dissolved.. but salt cannot be dissolved in alcohol.

You can separate salt from sugar by using organic solvents. What this will do is dissolve the sugar and leave the salt, which can then be filtered.

A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar,then recrystallise both solutions to from back their original crystals.

1. Put the mixture of powders in a beaker and add ethanol. 2. Stir vigorously. Sugar is dissolved, salt not. 3. Filter to separate sugar solution (passes the filter) from salt as a solid on the filter.

1. Salt will dissolve in carbon disulphide 2. Now we have a mixture of iron filings sugar and carbon disulphide(salt dissolved in it) 3. Separate iron filings by magnet. 4. Remove the sugar by Decantation process. 5. Separate carbon disulphide and salt by distilation.

You can put the sugar and salt mixture into isopropanol. The sugar will dissolve very well, but the salt will not. The liquid can be poured off leaving solid salt - to obtain the sugar you would let the isopropanol evaporate.Sugar is organic and will dissolve in organic solvents such as alcohol. Salt will not. Mix it with an organic solvent such as alcohol and filter it and you will be left with salt, then distill the remaining mixture to be left with sugar and your solvent.

we can separate salt and sand by solving the mixture into water salt is soluble but sand is not .

The mixture of salt and sugar crystals is heterogeneous.

It depends on what is in the mixture. If it's cake batter with flour, sugar, salt, butter, etc. then yeh it's basically impossible. But if it's a mixture of marbles and sand then you can easily separate those.

No, its not a homogenous mixture as sugar and sugar are not distributed uniformly. However, sugar in water and salt in water is a homogenous mixture.

When a mixture of salt and water freeze, the two substances will not separate. The mixture will just become frozen salt water.

Among salt, sugar, water and lemonade, only lemonade is a mixture.

Salt and sugar dissolved in water form a solution; and this solution is a homogeneous mixture.

The solution of salt is not as the solution of sugar

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