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Copper oxide is metallic oxide. Metallic oxides are basic and can react with acids. Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide. Amphoteric oxide can react with acids as well as base. In order to separate copper oxide from zinc oxide, add sodium hydroxide solution to the mixture. Zinc oxide being amphoteric will react with NaOH to form Na22+[Zn(OH)4]2- whereas copper oxide will remain undissolved. Zinc oxide can be recovered from the solution adding acid to it.

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How do you separate black zinc oxide from mixture of zinc oxide and copper oxide?

depends on if copper and zinc are magnetic or not, because then you could use a strong magnet to separate them. lol this sounds like science homework

How can you separate ammonium chloride and copper oxide?

Ammonium chloride is soluble in water and copper oxide not; dissolve the mixture and filter.

Is copper oxide a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

Copper oxide is a compound, not a mixture.

How do you separate copper oxide from a mixture of copper oxide and zinc oxide?

wel u put the mixture in a glass cup and pour vinegar and salt and surgar into it. mix it around by putting ur hand on top of the glass and shake.the apply 2 pints of water and shake it. then watch as they separate!!!!!!!!!! its cool. trust me=)

Is copper oxide a black solid?

Cu2O (Copper(II) Oxide) is a Red Powder. CuO (Copper(I) Oxide) is a Black Powder.

What colour is copper oxide and why?

Copper has two oxides. Copper (I) oxide is red, while Copper (II) oxide is black.

What metal forms a black oxide when heated?

copperCopper (cupric) oxide is produced. Therefore, copper is the metal that produces a black oxide when heated.

How do you separate powdered charcoal from a mixture of copper oxide?

To separate powdered charcoal from a mixture containing copper oxide, just add water. Charcoal is considered quite a bit less dense than water and one set of tables gives the density as circa 400 kg.m-3 . Copper oxide is much more dense than water or charcoal. So the copper oxide will sink to the bottom and the charcoal will float to the top of the water. This can now be decanted and filtered leaving the charcoal on the filter paper which can be dried and to leave charcoal. Then with a separate filtration, the copper oxide and traces of water can be filtered and then dried.

How can you separate copper oxide and sodium chloride?

easily just put the mixture in a beaker of water and heat and filter repeat this step about 3 times. the sodium chloride will dissolve in the water and the copper oxide wont.

How is copper oxide produced?

Copper oxide is produced by heating copper and oxygen together to produce a black solid. This solid is copper oxide.

How do you separate solid copper oxide and copper sulphate solution?

Cupric oxide (black, CuO) is not soluble, so it is easily fitered off from the cupric sulfate solution (blue, CuSO4).

What color is copper II oxide?

Copper II oxide is a black powder.

Why does copper carbonate turn black when heated?

Because the Copper Carbonate turns to Copper II Oxide with the evolution of carbon dioxide. The Copper Oxide is black.

Is copper oxide CuO a compuond or a heterogeneous mixture?

CuO is a compound. It is not a mixture.

Is copper oxide a pure substance?

No, its a compound which is 2 or more elements combined. Copper oxide is copper + oxygen which are 2 separate substances.

What is the word equation for copper oxide and sulfuric acid?

I assume you mean copper(II) oxide, which is black, and not copper(I) oxide which is orangey-red.copper oxide + sulfuric acid --> copper sulfate + water.

What is the color of Cu2O?

Red if you mean copper (I) oxide. Black if you mean copper (II) oxide

What is the symbol equation for copper and oxygen to make copper oxide?

There are two different copper oxide formula's:2Cu + O2 -> 2CuO (black Copper(II) oxide)or4Cu + O2 -> 2Cu2O (red Copper(I) oxide)

What method is used to separate copper from copper sulphate solution?

By heating copper sulfate is decomposed in copper(II) oxide and sulfur trioxide; by reduction of the copper oxide with hydrogen copper is obtained.

What is the name of the black coating that forms on the surface of copper?

copper oxide. when it reacts with the oxygen in the air it produces copper oxide

What is the balanced equation for copper an oxygen?

There are two different copper oxide formula's:2Cu + O2 -> 2CuO (black Copper(II) oxide)or4Cu + O2 -> 2Cu2O (red Copper(I) oxide)Copper(II) = Cu2+Oxide = O2-CuO or copper(II) oxide

What does copper and oxgyen make?

Copper oxide, which is a compound from the two elements copper and oxygen. When copper is exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, it begins turning green. The green is Copper oxide.Copper oxide can refer toCopper(I) oxide (cuprous oxide, Cu2O), a red powder;Copper(II) oxide (cupric oxide, CuO), a black powder. (Source wikipedia)

What is the balanced formula for copper plus oxygen-----copper oxide?

There are two different copper oxide formula's:2Cu + O2 -> 2CuO (black Copper(II) oxide)or4Cu + O2 -> 2Cu2O (red Copper(I) oxide)

How do you separate copper from copper oxide?

I think you mean how do you extract copper from copper oxide, if so here's your answer. Take your copper oxide and heat it with something that is more reactive than copper. Carbon is a good example. The more reactive carbon will oxidise, taking the oxygen from the copper oxide leaving copper. copper oxide + carbon --> copper + carbon dioxide 2Cu0 + C --> 2Cu + CO2

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