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Centrifuging. This is used to separate small particles that spread out throughout the liquid & remain in suspension.

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How can you separate small pieces of metal in the engine oil of a car?

that depends on the makeup of the small pieces of metal. Ferrous metals can be removed by using a magnetic oil drain plug. A magnetic oil drain plug can be difficult to find, but they will trap ferrous metal.

Is the engine oil and the transmission oil fed from the same tank not refering to the clutch-primary oil?

No, the engine oil and trans oil are not fed from the same tank on H.D. bikes. Engine oil is separate, from the primary drive chain on 4 speed big twins, the transmission oil is also separate. Sportster engines have separate engine oil and their transmissions share primary case oil with the wet clutch. 5 speed models wet clutch models have separate primary case lube, transmission lube and engine oil. As far as my memory serves, no Harley Davidsons have shared engine oil and transmission oil similar to some Jap bikes

Can you mix hydraulic oil in engine oil in a Cat C-15?

you can not mix hydraulic oil in engine oil because if you do a fire will occure and then you will blow up in a million pieces.

How would you separate gasoline from motor oil?

Maybe evaporation but I wouldn't use the oil in an engine anyway.

How much engine oil is needed for rm80?

rm 80 is a two stroke engine and the oil is mixed with the gas.. 50:1 is a pretty good ratio for that small engine.. the transmission uses separate oil

Does a 190cc engine need oil added to the gas?

Pretty sure that's a 4 stroke and you have a separate place for your oil.

How do you reset engine light message after change oil?

Engine light has it's own separate gauge, for oil pressure. The oil light will come in emergencies not the check engine light. If you put in correct amount of oil, run engine and check oil level. If it's OK, than light will go out by itself.

What were some of the early antitrust cases?

American Tobacco: broken up into separate companies Standard Oil: broken up into separate oil-refining and pipeline companies U.S. Steel: no illegal monopoly found

Gas oil mixture for 7.5 mercury?

It depends if it is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke. A 2 stroke engine, you mix the gas and oil. A 4 stroke engine, there are separate tanks for the oil and gas.

Where is the oil filter located in a 2006 Ford Fiesta steel?

The 2006 Ford fiesta oil filter is located on the back side of the engine, near the oil pan. The filter can be best viewed from below the engine.

Is the engine oil and trans oil separate on a ford lazer 1.6l 1996?

Yes, they are completely different type's of oil and will cause damage to the vehicle if mixed.

What petrol do you use in a lawnmower?

Ordinary 87 gasoline, the same you put in a car. It depends if it is a four stroke or two stroke engine. If the engine has a separate filler for oil then plain petrol will do. If there is no separate filler the 25 to 1 petrol /oil mix should be OK.

Does the engine oil of a Nissan sentra95 runs for its 5sp transmission too?

No the lubrication systems are separate. The manual transmission uses gear oil.

Advantages of oil filter?

As your engine runs, microscopic pieces of metal get worn from inside the engine. The filter removes these particles so they don't cause further damage to the engine.

Why do you use oil in your engines?

For lubrication. Steel on steel would cause friction with would lead to heat which would cause seizing of parts and destroy the engine.

What weight of oil is in a 1988 Yamaha blaster 200cc engine and how many quarts are used?

its a two stroke so the oil is either premixed in the gas. or it is placed in a separate tank and injected into the engine.

How do you tell if an outboard motor is 2 stroke with direct injection or a 4 stroke?

With a 2 stroke engine, you mix the oil with the gas. With a 4 stroke engine, there are separate tanks for the oil, and the gas.

Do 50cc 2 stroke engines have engine oil?

Yes and no. 2 strokes do not have oil like a car, meaning in the crankcase. the oil is mixed with the fuel and introduced into the engine through either the carburetor or an oil injection set up. the oil/fuel mix is burned in the engine. that's why 2 strokes smoke so much. and on most small two strokes the gearbox is a separate compartment containing engine oil like a regular engine.

Why is your 98 prelude using oil?

The H22 engine is aluminum, with steel Cylinder sleeves... The steel they used is too hard (and,or) the piston rings are a softer steel, so after wear and tear (Especially at higher RPM's) , The rings wear down too much and allow oil to pass through as engine is running... Oil lost is really going into the combustion chamber and out the exhaust pipe. I recently bought a 1998, with 108,000mi. and It loses a quart of oil every 1000 miles or so. This is a pretty normal issue with this car and engine, especially if not "well-maintained".

How to stop water from getting into oil?

Keep them in separate bottles. If it's in your car engine, you need serious repairs.

What is the oil capacity for a harley Davidson motor from 1992?

This will depend upon whether this is a Sportster engine (which has two separate oil supplies) or a Big Twin (which has three).

Is the engine and transmission oil the same in a 1981 GL1100 Honda Goldwing?

Yes, it is. However, there is separate gear oil in the final drive of the Goldwing, as it is shaft driven.

Which separationtechnique is used to separate Small piece of metal in the engine oil of a car?

It can be either the passing of the oil through a filter system, or the passing of the oil through a magnetic system, or a combination of both.

What transmission fluid does ducati motrcycles use?

Ducati engines are unitized designs, meaning that the engine and transmission use the same oil and oiling system. There is no separate drain plug nor oil fill for the transmission and engine.

Why oil used in 2 stroke engine?

Small 2-stroke engines don't have any separate lubrication system, so they rely on oil mixed with the fuel to be carried to all the parts of the engine that needs lubrication.

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