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You can lock the portions of the hard disc drive that contain your data, but you cannot lock portions of the Random Access Memory, as that is used by the Central Processor Unit whenever it is working. By creating a user identity, and requiring a password, you can protect your data from casual snooping. However, anyone with system administrator privileges will still be able to access that data. Using a rewritable CD and storing your data off the machine is the only way to protect it completely.

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How do you share with the easy share z760?

You can share with the easy share z760 by putting your SanDisk memory card into the appropriate slot on your computer, or by connecting it to your computer with the included USB cable. Then, once your pictures are downloaded onto your computer, share them using emails, or any social networking sites!

What is it called when separate computer systems are connected in such a way that the CPUs share the workload?

Cluster computing or distributed computing.

Uses of computer network?

A computer network allows you to share files on your computer, and make it visible on other computers, on your network. A network can also be used to share an Internet connection.

What identifies four resources that someone using a computer can share with other computer users?


What is the comparison between memory paging and memory segmentation?

Paging - Computer memory is divided into small partitions that are all the same size and referred to as, page frames. Then when a process is loaded it gets divided into pages which are the same size as those previous frames. The process pages are then loaded into the frames.Segmentation - Computer memory is allocated in various sizes (segments) depending on the need for address space by the process. These segments may be individually protected or shared between processes. Commonly you will see what are called "Segmentation Faults" in programs, this is because the data that's is about to be read or written is outside the permitted address space of that process.So now we can distinguish the differences and look at a comparison between the two:Paging:Transparent to programmer (system allocates memory)No separate protectionNo separate compilingNo shared codeSegmentation:Involves programmer (allocates memory to specific function inside code)Separate compilingSeparate protectionShare code

Do you need a memory card to game share on a PSP?

YES, you do need a memory card to game share on a PSP!!!

What handles file sharing on Linux?

If you want to share files with other linux computer use NFS. If you want to share files with windows computer use SAMBA.

What are computer network and its application?

A computer network is a group of computers that share the same internet connection. A network can also be set up with computers that share a printer or other devices.

Advantage of computer network?

We can find out latest information form other source . Very easy method for data Tranfer. We can share data one comuter to another computer. Link main computer. Share data one computer ot another computer.

Why establish a computer network?

to interconnect to the people around the world and to share information to other

Your computer will not let you share it's internet connection with my xbox 360 It's using a wireless connection from another computer and you can not adjust the network on the other computer at all?

you need two phone lines to share the internet with your x box

Why can't you put LimeWire in your public folder?

Limewire is software that connects your computer to other peoples computers and other people can connect to your computer. You need to ensure that the people connecting to your computer do not have access to all of your private stuff on your computer and that they cannot put things on your computer that you would not want on there such as viruses and malware. The Limewire application would normally be run from your applications folder and you would set up a separate folder away from all your other stuff that only included the things you wanted to share via Limewire.

How ti share game play to another computer?

how do i share my game from one to another computer

Is there any way to share your ram's memory with my graphics's memory?

The integrated video card will

What is a central computer with a large storage device and other resources that users can share?

It is referred to as a server.

What piece of hardware allows your computer to share information with other computers?

Wi-Fi Modem.

What connects one computer to other computers enabling you to share data and resources with others?


How can you tell if a memory card is compatible with a Kodak easyshare digital camera?

memory card will be seen compatible to a Kodak easy share if the memory card has a sign of the easy share Kodak or having a logo

Differentiate between memory mapped IO and IO mapped IO?

Memory mapped IO is one where the processor and the IO device share the same memory location(memory) while IO mapped IO is one where the processor and the IO device have different memory located to each other.

What the memory of alive people of titanic they share?


What connects one computer to other computers and allows them to share data and resources with one another?


Can your printer print something only from your computer?

It is possible to share most printers with the other computers in a network.Answer:It depends on your particular printer and what you are trying to do. Many printers today can print pictures directly from camera memory cards. You put the memory card in the slot for that type card and you can print pictures using the printers control panel.If you have a home network, any printer can be networked from your computer allowing other computers on the network to print on it.Some printers can be connected directly to the network (without having to be connected to a computer) and anyone on the network can use it.

What is a computer interface?

The interface is where independent units such as software and hardware and connect, such as via a computer monitor. When two or more separate components of a computer system share information, it is an interface. Touchscreen computers are able to both send as well as receive information via the interface.

Can you use superbeam in computer to share files to android If you can then how?

Yes, you can use SuperBeam in computer to share files to Android. You just need to click on the file you want to share and choose the share with SuperBeam option.

How do I network two windows xp computer with file sharing?

# Connect the two computers together using a Wireless or Wired network connection. ## Click Start, then right-click My Computer, and press Properties. ## Note down the computer name - you'll need it later. ## Then go into My Computer. ## Find the folder you wish to share, right click it, and click Sharing. ## Check the box that says words to the effect of "Share this folder". ## Give the folder a share name, something that reflects the content, and something you can remember. # On the computer which holds the files you want to share: ## In My Computer, Click Tools, and Map Network Drive. ### Host Name is the name of the other computer that you found out earlier. ### Share Name is the name of the folder that you shared, as you set up earlier. ## Type "\\<Host Name>\<Share Name>" (without the quotes), and press Next. ## It will then connect to the folder. # On the other computer:

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