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Go to: options

Choose: Controls

Click on: reset next to Pick Block option.*

* If you want to change to something else click on what is currently selected then press the button you want to pick block. (Pick block only works in creative)

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โˆ™ 2013-12-01 18:27:50
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Q: How do you set 'Pick Block' to button '3' in Minecraft?
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How do you set waypoints in Minecraft?

To set a waypoint on Minecraft on REI's minimap select the M button.

How do you noclip in Minecraft servers?

To be in noclip in Minecraft, you will need to turn on your fly mode, and press the button that you set it on. Except some severs have some blocking thing that can block you from using fly mode.

How do you set things down in minecraft?

Right mouse button.

How do you set a block on fire in Minecraft?

Get some flint and steel, then right click the block you want to set fire on. Alternatively you can just hack in fire blocks and place them.

How do you block a punt in Madden 12?

you just go to my settings, then set offsides to 0, and then play a game, get offsides and block it with xbox button Y, PS3 button o

How do you look at yourself on Minecraft?

Press E or the button you set to look at your inventory, and you should be standing in a box.

How do you set clock in 1994 Chevy 1500 pick up?

hold set button then hit scan for mins. and seek for hour. then hit set

How do you change time on minecraft PC?

you can press the command button and type in: /time set 0 that means morning /time set 14000 that means night

How do you blow up dynamite in minecraft?

You used to be able to hit it, but now you either have to make a redstone path or set the block next to it on fire.

What is the minimum distance from a fire that wood can be without catching fire on Minecraft?

Generaly if a wood block is not touching a flaming block or a block that can be set on fire, the chances of the wood catching on fire is very low (although still possible)

How do you place down a block in minecraft on the computer?

It differs to what controls your computer has set it all to. On the menu of the Minecraft page you should see a option for controls; if you click that you will be able to see all the different controls and change them if need be :)

How do you set off TNT on Minecraft?

You can set TNT off in Minecraft Beta by clicking it, or by triggering it with redstone.

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