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How do you set DNS?

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Do you mean on a client..? If you do then just go network connections, pick whatever connection you want, right click it, properties, tcp/ip, configure.

2008-11-18 19:13:15
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Q: How do you set DNS?
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Every time you ask for how to find your primary and secondary dns the answer is always something about going to your DNS server hows that your primary and secondary DNS if its only one set of numbers?

It means, you do not have secondary DNS server.

How do you set up DNS for a child domain?

To set up DNS for a child domain, create a delegation record on the parent DNS server for the child DNS server. Create a secondary zone on the child DNS server that transfers the parent zone from the parent DNS server. Note Windows Server 2003 has additional types of zones, such as Stub Zones and forest-level integrated Active Directory zones, that may be a better fit for your environment. Set the child domain controller to point to itself first. As soon as an additional domain controller is available, set the child domain controller to point to this domain controller in the child domain as its secondary.

What can be gain by using a caching only dns server?

Using a caching only DNS server has an easier set up. Also, using this type of DNS server can transfer information more securely if proper security measures are in place.

What is the default no-refresh interval set to on DNS record timestamps?

The default no-refresh interval is set to: 7 days.

How do you get the event arceus in SoulSilver?

One way is to use Gts. first go to your wifi settings and set auto obtain Dns to no type these numbers into the primary Dns, 72 232 228 109 leave the secodary Dns empty. Second go to gts and the first thing that happens when you connect to gts is you get a arceus that unlocks the event in soul silver. When you're done set the auto obtain Dns back to yes.

What is dynamic DNS integrated DNS?

The dynamic DNS integrated DNS refers to the method of automatically updating a name server in the DNS in real time.

The operation of DNS is defined by a set of documents collected by the what?

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

What is difference Between Primary and Secondary DNS?

Secondary DNS gets its records from the Primary DNS Server. The secondary DNS is essentially there in case the primary DNS doesn't respond.

What happen if a school did not have a DNS server?

A school probably doesn't need its own DNS server unless it has internal servers or printers that the students, faculty, and staff would need to access by name. DNS converts names into IP addresses (numbers). If you set up access by IP addresses only, you're fine. You can just your OpenDNS, Google DNS, or your ISP DNS servers for resources (websites) outside of the school.

What is DNS root hints?

A DNS root zone is the top-level DNS zone in a Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy

What does Disable Recursion in DNS mean?

HiIn the Windows 2000/2003 DNS console (dnsmgmt.msc), under a server's Properties -> Forwarders tab is the setting Do not use recursion for this domain. On the Advanced tab you will find the confusingly similar option Disable recursion (also disables forwarders). Recursion refers to the action of a DNS server querying additional DNS servers (e.g. local ISP DNS or the root DNS servers) to resolve queries that it cannot resolve from its own database. So what is the difference between these settings? The DNS server will attempt to resolve the name locally, then will forward requests to any DNS servers specified as forwarders. If Do not use recursion for this domain is enabled, the DNS server will pass the query on to forwarders, but will not recursively query any other DNS servers (e.g. external DNS servers) if the forwarders cannot resolve the query. If Disable recursion (also disables forwarders) is set, the server will attempt to resolve a query from its own database only. It will not query any additional servers. If neither of these options is set, the server will attempt to resolve queries normally:... the local database is queried... if an entry is not found, the request is passed to any forwarders that are set... if no forwarders are set, the server will query servers on the Root Hints tab to resolve queries beginning at the root domains.Hope this is helpful rk

A DNS Server can be primary for one zone and secondary for another True or False?

False. The DNS records cannot be added directly to the secondary DNS zone. The secondary DNS zone can receive the updated records only from the primary DNS zone of the DNS server.

What is DNS stand for?

TCP/ IP protocol suite uses a DNS client. DNS stands for Domain name system .A DNS server maps a name to an address.

How are DNS servers used by well known websites?

Most of the well-known websites offer a public DNS which is free that users can use as an alternative to their DNS. If a user is using a particular website's DNS then all the DNS lookups of that user will be done using that website's DNS.

What system translates names to IP addresses?

The DNS (Domain Name System).The DNS (Domain Name System).The DNS (Domain Name System).The DNS (Domain Name System).

Is there any difference between DNS and BIND?

BIND is actually the software that implements DNS. BIND is the software and DNS is the language it speaks-this means BIND is an application that provides DNS services like windows AD DNS does.

What is dns port no?

dns port o 53

What is the mean of primary DNS?

what does rrimary dns mean

When does DNS replication take place?

"DNS" does not replicate.

What is the name of the control panel applet that is used to set dns and dhcp settings?

DNS and DHCP Management are both Administrative Tools. DNS Management is run from the DNS MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dnsmgmt.msc DHCP Management is run from the DHCP MMC snap in. This can be accessed by using the Run commend, and inputting: dhcpmgmt.msc These snap-ins must be installed on the system, or you will be unable to access them.

What program is the DNS server?

Domain Name System (DNS)

What DNS servers are at the highest level of the DNS namespace?


What is the dns port number?

Default DNS number is 53

When computer send a request to the DNS what does the DNS returns?


Can some one give me the fastest dns server numbers?

preferred dns: alternate dns: or