How do you set a background on your iPod Nano 4th generation?

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Sorry, but i believe that iPod nanos 4th gen, do not support background customization, and other customization, like, installing apps, jailbreaking, background changes, most nanos don't come with a camera as well, i suggest you buy an Ipod 5th gen, they have been the best iPod so far, according to apple, the 5th gen has made over $1M, hope this answered your question!
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IPod Nano third generation?

The first ever iPod nano that can play movies too! And its better and comes in way cooler colors! It's not fat at all! in fact it is not very small, its like 1/2 the size of an iTouch and it can fit into the palm of your hand. It can play movies and they look awsome on the cute little screen. Bel ( Full Answer )

How do you restore 4th generation iPod nano?

OK When the ipod is plugged in simply click on the thing on the side that has your ipod on it the go to summary then click restore OK. Hope this helps :) .

How do you take apart an iPod nano 4th Generation?

This is another small model makers work of art. RapidRepair gives some screen shots of this player being taken apart. This model IMHO isn't one to take apart. Manufacturer and recycle only. The flex cable is part of the power connector. If you remove this, you'll have to rig it to get it back... not ( Full Answer )

How Ipod nano 4th generation won't charge?

OK - if it is connected - look on the ipod screen if it has a picture of the end of the wire that connects to the ipod and says connected then it is charging OK Hope this helps :) And if you are using a docking station a lot don't work because they r unsupportted

How do you put DVD to ipod nano 4th generation?

iPod supports formats such as MP4 (supported by iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic etc.), MOV (Quick time video), M4V (standard video for iPod and PSP). . So you need a DVD to iPod converter if you want put DVDs to your iPod. . The following steps are provided for your reference: . First,d ( Full Answer )

How do you set alarm on iPod nano?

You go to your alarm in your icon screen. click on the alarm and set what time you need on their and it should go off on that time.

What is the difference in the iPod Nano generations?

The first iPod nano had a small screen and came in white and black. I could not play videos and came with only 2g. The second and third nanos were like the first one only it came in a wide variety of colors. The forth one was able to play videos and came in 8g and 16g. This one had a 2inch screen, l ( Full Answer )

How do you put Lyrics on 4th generation ipod nano?

Easy thing: you select the song you want to add lyrics on itunes, right-click and select 'Get Info'. Select the tab named 'Lyrics' and write them. Sync your ipod and when the song is played, press on the center button 4 times and the lyric will appear on the screen.

What does the iPod Nano fifth generation have?

All the same features as the ipod nano(4th generation)- a video screen, access to music, download tv shows, get movies, download podcasts, download games, access to date and time, etc...... But it has some new extra features, A bigger screen(same size ipod as 4th g) A built-in radio that pi ( Full Answer )

How do you set up your iPod nano?

frist you have to go to and download itunes.You then register your ipod.When you connect your usb cable it opens up itunes and your ready to start.

How do you fix my ipod nano 4th generation?

My ipod just wont turn on, it is just a blank scree. I tried resetting it and restoring it, but no luck. Is there any way to can get it to work???

What can the iPod nano 5th generation do?

record video has video camera effects has a radio has 8gb or16gb of storage can have little enjoyable games(each worth 5 bucks on itunes) play movies play music videos play TV shows play podcasts play music has a sound recorder holds pictures shake the ipod to shuffle your songs(can be turned off)

What does a 4th generation iPod Nano do?

You can play games, listen to music, watch videos, look at pictures(not take pictures), listen to podcast, and change settings. I have one and i love it! baciclly its good and i recomend tht all you pple out there buy itt

Best iPod Nano 4th generation games?

The ipod nano 4g comes with 3 games-Maze,Vortex and Klondike.In my opinion the best game is Maze.You rotate your ipod and try to get a ball in a hole.For more info go to ipod nano 4g games and then select "Apple iPod nano 4G MP3 Player Review - Everything USB".

How do you put pictures on iPod Nano 4th generation?

First, connect the iPod to your computer. Then once the iPod screen comes up, click on the Photos tab. Be sure to know the name of the photo folder on your computer that you want to put on your iPod. Select the folder and it will sync onto your iPod

What can the ipod nano sixth generation do?

it can play music . it can go on the radio . it can add pod-cast . it can mix songs together that u added to make one song . it has a pedometer . it can change backgrounds . it has a stopwatch it also has a timer on it and many cool clock faces .

What can the sixth generation IPod Nano do?

it can play music . it can go on the radio . it can add pod-cast . it can mix songs together that u added to make one song . it has a pedometer . it can change backgrounds . it has a stopwacth . it can move icons from one place to another . the screen can be flipped up side down .

How do you set the background on a iPod touch?

There's several ways to set the background: 1. settings-wallpaper-choose-choose as lock/home screen 2. download some wallpaper apps-choose-save in photo album-open photo in album-click menu-click set as wallpaper-click set-choose as lock/home screen 3. download some drawing apps-draw your own ( Full Answer )

How do you set a background for an iPod touch?

it depends what you mean by background. home screen background, im guessing? if you have an ipod touch 3g or higher (this is an ipod with 32 gigs or more) then you should be able to do this with the 4.0 update. if you have a 2g ipod (8 or 16 gigs), then even with the 4.0 update, you will have to jai ( Full Answer )

How do you set photos as your wallpaper for your iPod Nano sixth Generation?

I regret to inform you that it is not possible to use a photo from your iPod Nano 6th Generation as a wallpaper, you may only use the pre-loaded backgrounds that came with the iPod. I hate it too, cause I have a few pictures that would be perfect for it, but alas; it is not possible.

What does the iPod Nano fourth generation have?

The iPod Nano 4th Generation has a lock tab, a music, video, radio, camera, etc section(s). It also has a few free games that comes with it (YOU CANNOT BUY APPS FOR THIS IPOD). It's basically like an iPod Touch, but it is not a touch-screen, it has a "click-wheel".

IPod nano fifth generation?

an ipod nano fifth generation is in my opinion better than the 6th generation. it is better becuase the 6th generation is smaller and easier to lose and the 5th generation is not so easily lost. GET AN IPOD NANO 5TH GENERATION