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If you have a DVR box you can't set reminders.... you can only record shows. On the NON DVR boxes you can set reminders.

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Direct tv rebate offers change throughout the year so there is not one set rebate price. Before you sign up with Direct tv, you should check their website to find out what the current deal is.

The DVR is placed between a source of television signal (set top box or direct cable or TV antenna) and your television set. It allows you to schedule and record / store TV shows from the source and watch them later.

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One can find Direct TV remote control codes by following instructions when setting up their TV. Turn the TV on and set the remote to "TV". If one does the setting up correctly, the TV will turn off when the code is right.

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Direct TV DVRs have been improved so much so that you can now set it record your programs weekly. There is no longer a need to set it to record every time an episode is on. One of the changes is that you can now set your DVR to record using your mobile phone.

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If the TV is working when you want to watch it, then the chances are that someone's set the sleep timer. That's a reminder light. If it isn't working, then that's `flash code' letting a qualified technician know what's wrong with the set.

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