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I believe on the car you need a special tool that inserts into the back of the cams to hold them in place. So if your question is "how do I reset the timing after I change gears, belt, or cams," the answer is make sure you get that tool first. Second check to see if there is a spout connector on the car, if there is disconnect that. If you don't know what a spout connecter is, look at the vehic. identifacation sticker, it should give you some info on timing. There it will say if there is a spout connector. When the connector is taken off timing should be as normal marks on the dampner pully with the correct mark of degree. The correct mark of degree is also on the vehic. identifacation sticker.

there is no spout connector you just put a flat bar in the end of the cams to hold them in place and then there are two marks on the crank pulley and you line up the one on the right to the mark below it(on the oil pan).

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Q: How do you set the timing on a 1998 Ford Contour with a 2.0L d o h c?
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