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How do you set up dual boot with two hard drives?

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To dual boot with two hard drives, just install one OS on one drive, and install the other on the second drive. If you are dual booting Linux and xp, make sure you install xp FIRST, and then let Linux override the mbr.

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When installing a dual hard drivedual boot with two operating systems do you set both hard drives to master or is one set to slave?

The "master/slave" designation is necessary for the disk controller. It has little to do with the dual boot.

What does f-12 do when boot up the computer?

It usually brings up the boot device menu. From there you can select what hardware you want to start your computer from, regardless of the boot order set in the F2 (or F1) menu. You can select installed hardware (Hard drives, Optical Drives, or Floppy Drives) or removable hardware (External Hard drives, flash drives, etc.).

What is the minimum number of partitions required on a hard drive that is to be set up as a dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows XP?


How do you fix a boot error when booting from a USB configured by Sardu?

This was a BIOS settings issue. In the BIOS of this Asus netbook I found a second setting, which also had to be set with "USB" as 1st boot device. When I found this setting, the 'Boot Settings' dialog box had the following categories: "Boot Device Priority". "Hard Disk Drives": It was necessary to additionally set "USB" as 1st boot device within the "Hard Disk Drives" category. In here its default settings were: "HDD" "USB".

How do you create a dual boot drive on your computer?

Believe it or not, the drive is not relevant. The hard disk itself does not need any magical setting or capability for you to set up dual-boot. All you need is partitions for your operating system and a bootloader that supports multi-boot (Read: Just about any bootloader other than Windows'.).

When making a dual boot what do you do about the master and slave jumpers and what if you already have XP on both drives?

Set jumpers both to auto detect. I run XP 32 bit on one and 64 bit on the other.

How do you set up dual boot scenario of Windows 2000 Professional?

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Are fixed hard drives set automatically to Optimize for performance?


Do you have a downloadable for scrubbing the hard drive?

The best hard drive eraser program for PCs is Darik's Boot and Nuke which can be found at: If you are using a Macintosh, then use OS X's Disk Utility to erase hard drives. In the utility you can set options to securely erase the data.

What is the minimum number of partitions required in a system to set up a dual boot with windows xp and windows vista?


How do you ghost from hard disk to hard disk?

The best tool that I have ever used to ghost a hard drive image to another hard drive is Symantec's Ghost software. Simply set up two hard drives and boot from Ghost's cd. Setup the program to copy from one location to the other and you will end up with a perfect clone.

Is it possible to switch back and forth between 2 hard drives with different operating systems often?

Yes. A bootloader can be set up on the boot drive to load an operating system from any other disk on the system.

When booting a computer what is the boot priority?

In the system BIOS you can tell the computer to "look at" a drive to boot from first . There you can select to boot from a removable drive, usually a floppy disk or USB flash drive(this option is found on most Linux systems). You can also choose to boot from a CDROM drive or Hard Disc(you hard drives). This is what all my system say and the ones I repair: 1. Removable Drive -- Usually a floppy drive (an emergency boot disk) is what it is talking about here. 2. CD-ROM Drive -- I have this set at two so I can special disks before I get to the desktop or dashboard(Mac). 3. Hard Disks -- This is your hard drive.

What is the recommended CMOS setting for IDE hard drives?

For almost all modern computers and hard drives, the only settings you should set is for the parameters of the disk to be detected automatically.

What is the average width of a dual carriageway in the UK?

The set standard lane width for dual carriageways and motorways is 3.65 metres. The set standard width for hard shoulders is 3.3 metres.

IDE and EIDE hard drives are usually set to be in what configuration by default?

Single drive

How do you install Windows 98 in one of two hard drives both having Windows 2000 without formatting both hard drives?

If there is space left, you can use Partition Magic to reduce the 2000 partition and make room for the 98 partition. Just install into the unpartitioned space. To do a dual boot between the two, the easiest way is to use a program called Wingrub. The address is: . There are examples in the Wingrub program on how to set it up. The documentation examples say it can't be done, but it can. I did it and it works fine.

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Fedora Linux?

Go into your BIOS and change the settings to start from CD/DVD player first instead of your hard drive. Let the CD boot follow the instructions for language and time zone. You can either let Fedora use the empty space left on your hard drive to set partions for you or you can manually set your own partions then just follow the instructions and hit next a couple of times then reboot.

Will a computer booted that has no jumper on the hard drive?

This question is highly dependent on the specifics of your hard drive. Some hard drives have jumper set ups where theres a setting that has no jumper. If that's your type of hard drive then there should be no issue. Either way the computer should boot regardless of jumper setup. It just may not be able to load the Operating System.

If you are dual booting can you set one os to boot normally but press a key to access the boot menu if you want to access the other os?

yes. but it depend on the computer. Some you to press F8 and on others F12

What is the minimum number of partitions requred in a system to set up a dual boot with window xp and windows 7?

You will need at least two partitions.

Can a desktop have to hard drives?

Yes, though one need to be set up as a master and the other needs to be set up as a slave.

The built-in defragmentation utility can be scheduled to automatically reorganize local hard drives?

The built-in defragmentation utility is one of the tools you have for maintenance on your computer. It is set to automatically run weekly but you can set the tool to schedule automatic reorganizing of your hard drives at time you pick.

How do you use boot camp to run an .exe file on a mac OS X 10.5.7?

You misunderstand the purpose of Boot Camp. The purpose of Boot Camp is to allow you to set up a dual-boot of Mac OS X and Windows on your Mac. It does not allow you to run Windows programs directly on Mac OS X.

How would you do if you want to set up a dual boot scenario between Windows 98 and windows 2000?

Create two partitions in ur hard drive and install Windows '98 on Drive C and install Windows 2000 on Drive D to another partition.

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