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If someone without a valid drivers license and without car insurance drives a car that is covered by car insurance, does that insurance pay for that uninsured driver if they have a accident?

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Q: How do you set up the Sportage to be towed by a MotorHome?
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Flat tow your 1990 Ford Festiva behind your motorhome?

ANY car can be flat towed, though some models will be more difficult to set up than others.

Can the 2007 Hyundai accent be towed behind a motorhome?

If its a manual transmission Yes, the odometer will continue to add up the distance even if towed so you'll need to subtract the distance towed from the odometer when doing the oil change.

Can a 2007 Jeep Liberty be towed behind a motorhome?

Yes it can.. as long as you have the proper hook up for it. That is what the Nuetral setting is for on the 4 Wheel drive shifter.

Can a Chevy Malibu be towed behind motorhome with 4 wheels on the ground?

NO, Get you a dolly. towing longer trips will tear up the transmission,with the frount wheels on the ground.

Fuse box set up for 1999 kia sportage?

No brake light.fuse blows

Can you tow a sx4 crossover behind a motorhome?

Only with a dolly set up. Since you cannot disengage the center differential as well as the front a rear diffs are not set up for flat towing.

Which cars can be towed behind a motorhome?

Any car with a standard transmission as long as it is in neutral. Automatic transmissions will overheat and burn up if the engine is not running. Front wheel drive cars can be towed using a tow dolly that puts the front wheels in a two wheel trailer called a tow dolly and the car rides on the dolly and the back wheels.

What is the ignition timing for 1988 454 in motorhome?

My Motorhome still has the tune-up specs. on the 454 air cleaner housing. It says to undo the vac. at the distribator and plug it. Make sure the engine is runing at 700 RPMs and set the timing at 4BTC.

Wiring diagram for a 1985 southwind motorhome?

can you show me a wiring diagram for hooking up battiers in 1985 southwind motorhome please

Kia Sportage tune up specifications?

All you can do as far as a tune up, is change the plugs. Your auto parts store should be able to tell you what to set the gap to.

Where can you download a free 2001kia sportage owners manual?

You simply go to and set up an account and you can download your manual there.

How many people does the Kia Sportage seat?

The kia sportage can fit up to 5 people

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