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How do you set up the speakers for a Dell computer?

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Plug the power plug into a wall socket and plug the jack into the green port on the back of your computer. The speakers probably have volume on them but you can change the volume from the computer if you want by pressing Start -> Control panel -> Sounds and Audio devices.

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How do you hook your speakers up to your Dell computer?

the port that has the earphones picture :)

What is the biggest screen I can get for my Dell computer?

You can a get a dell monitor up to 22" for your Dell PC.

Can you hook up DJ speakers to a computer?

Speakers are speakers, it's just whether you have an adapter to plug them into your computer or not ;)

What is the best computer to use for website design?

If you are looking for a good computer set up you can contact Dell at their website. They will allow you to design your own computer model according to your needs.

Does hero up com work on a Dell computer?


How do you hook up your PS2 to a Dell S2409W?

Dell S2409W Full HD Monitor is a computer monitor

I have 32 LG TV hooked up to cable box and DVD. I have a set of computer speakers with an adapter to form 2 RCA plugs which are plugged into the cable box. How to get sound from DVD via comp speakers?

Try plugging your computer speakers into the audio output jacks on the TV. That way, anything that's displayed on the screen should then pass through to your computer speakers.

How to Choose Computer Speakers?

Before plunking down money to purchase computer speakers for your desktop or laptop computer, spend a little time determining the potential uses for your speakers. Questions to ask yourself include: • Am I going to need computer speakers to listen to music or watch DVD movies? • Do the games that I play via computer require a certain level of sound? • Will I be completing computer based training that requires me to listen to sound? After deciding how you will use your computer speakers, the next thing is to consider is your budget. Are speakers a necessity for you or a luxury? If you use a laptop computer, it should come with built-in speakers, but a desktop computer requires a component set of speakers. Will I need low- end or high-end speakers? Will I need a subwoofer? Stick to your budget, so that you won’t spend in excess of your plans, once you reach the computer store. However, don’t cheap out. The cheapest set of generic speakers never turn out to be a good deal. How much space do you have for the speakers? Will the speakers be competing for desktop space with more essential items? Are the speakers going to be utilitarian or do they need to match your personality, style and décor? In addition to the standard wired speakers that have been around for years, they also now make wireless speakers. If you think you want wireless speakers, be sure to ask whether or not the set comes with a wireless remote as well. A professional musician probably hears things differently than a professional accountant, and each will define his sound quality preferences differently. For some, choosing speakers for a computer is like choosing speakers for a sound-system, because computer speakers are now made with the same quality and by the same manufacturers as stereo speakers. This article presents just a few simple things to consider when buying computer speakers – the rest is up to you.

How much will a 2008 Dell computer sell for?

"2008 Dell Computer" covers a lot of territory. At a guess, it's probably worth $25 up to maybe $75.

Do you need to spend a lot of money to get good computer sound?

Some people are happy with $25 computer speakers and a stock card. Others spend thousands on their computer's audio set-up.

How to connect a printer to a computer?

Most home printers are compatible when any computer. When you purchase the printer, it comes with some programs that must be installed that help your computer recognize what it is. These programs are called 'drivers'. They can be set up with a Dell laptop with no problem.

Can you remove a Dell computer from a Dell docking station when power on?

For the Latitude C series laptops, the answer is no. You might succeed once or twice, but do it often enough, and you *will* screw up your computer.

How to Set Up Computer Speakers?

Computer speakers differ quite a bit in their function, quality, audio delivery and styles. Depending on what model you buy, the computer it is meant for and how simple or complex its design may be, the process involved with setting up your computer speakers is relatively simple and considered to be somewhat universal amongst all standard models. Computer speakers will continually develop and change with the advancements in technology and computer models to keep up with the newest updates, so it is important to stay posted on all of these changes that affect your own life. When you have purchased a new set of computer speakers, you will need to consult in your instruction manual that came with the new speakers’ packaging. You should also make a point to look over the software details to make sure this new set of speakers is right for your PC.To get started on setting up your new computer speakers, you will first need to find out where the sound connectors are located and hook your speaker jack up to your computer. Almost all computers, irregardless of their make or model, will have a built-in sound card. The connectors are usually located at the back of the computer. These connections are identical in size and diameter when compared to the speaker jack, and there is typically a set of these at the back. If you have any difficulty in locating these connections, you should refer to either your computer manual or you speaker manual’s diagram to help you through this step.The first connector is labeled as a line-out connection. In order to use this connection, almost all models require an autonomous power feed (a battery, electrical adapter, etc.). This particular connector can alternatively be used for the exportation of recording devices. The second connector is used for your computer’s non-powered speakers. Given that the computer is what augments your signal to begin with, connecting any powered speakers may very well end up causing damage to your system. Once you have managed to accomplish these two basic steps (which may vary amongst different speaker models), your computer speakers will be ready to run.

Where can I sell my Dell laptop,a Dell PC, and hp printer?

Put it up on Ebay. You should be able to sell a used computer there.

Why do your speakers pick up radio transmission?

I have no clue but when I half plug in my speakers to my computer I get FM Radio!!! Its Crazy :)

Can you hook up your computer speakers to a tv?

You can if they provide their own power(you have to plug them into the wall) and they have a audio plug that will plug into you tv like a headphone jack. but usually a tv's speakers are better than standard computer speakers if they are built into your computer then you cant use them except for your computer.

Where can one find more information about Dell laptop repairs?

If you have a Dell computer and need repairs, your best option is to contact Dell Customer Support. The website offers several do-it-yourself troubleshooting options. However, if you are still unable to resolve the issue, a support representative will be happy to set up a repair for you.

What is an Internet ready computer system?

a computer that you dont have to set the internet up on but is already set up

How do you insert a disk into a dell inspiron computer?

To insert a disk into a dell inspiron computer, you can open the disk drive on the dell inspiron. Carefully insert the disk and wait for the computer to open up the file. This is a very simple process.

How do wireless speakers work on a computer?

Wireless speakers are eather built into the back of the computer or they have transmitters and receivers similar to how a walky talky picks up signals from the air.

How do you restore your dell laptop to factory settings?

To restore your dell laptop to factory settings bring up the computer menu by pressing f8. On the computer menu click computer recovery. There you will find the option of restoring your computer back to factory settings.

How do you set up and use a spam filter on your computer?

Spam filters are not set up 'on a computer' they are set up on a mailbox or mail server, which is an application that runs under an operating system on a computer.

Why new computer does not have sound?

If you bought a new computer and you do not have sound, there could be something wrong with the sound card, your settings are not correct, or your speakers are not set up properly. Check with the dealership you purchased if from. They should be able to help you.

How do you set up camera from computer to computer?

If you bought a new camera, then it comes with a user guide manual for the installation and on how to set up to you computer.


For a 5 channel set up, I would recommend putting two speakers in the back and two speakers in the front. Then place the subwoofer anywhere in the room.

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