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How do you setup auto-archive in Entourage on a Mac?


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According to Microsoft Support - Entourage 2001 does not have a method to automatically archive messages. I am not sure what version of Entourage your are using, but you might try this method: To manually archive messages: 1. Minimize the Entourage window by clicking the resize tab at the bottom left of the window so that your Macintosh desktop or other folder is visible. 2. Click the folder or item that you want to archive, and then drag the item to the location in which you want to store the archive. 3. Release the mouse button. A file is created with the name of the original item or folder. To restore an archive to the Entourage folder view: 1. Locate the Entourage archive file on your desktop or in the folder where you stored it. 2. Double-click the archive file, and then click Import when you receive the following message: Do you want to import the messages in this file into a new folder? ------------ Using Entourage 2008, there is a much better way to archive using .rge file archive format, not the MBOX archive format described above. For a detailed steps visit -