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How do you sew on a shank button?

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The shank is a great button. It relieves stress from the garment and makes buttoning easier. I would place a small piece of fabric on the inside of the garment in the area that the button will be sewn. The weight of the garment and the button will determine the weight of the thread used. Take a stitch or two through the stablizing fabric on the inside of the garment, then bring the needle through to the surface of your main garment. I like to take one stitch there before I put the needle through the shank. Take three or four stitches or what you feel stablizes the shank and then put your needle through the main garment taking your final stitches on the inside of the garment in the piece of stablizer. This will give you excellent hold without so much stress on the front side of your blouse etc. Don't take more stitches than you need through the shank as it tends to look bulky. Good luck.

2008-07-27 10:42:07
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How do you describe a shank button?

you will sew the cloth with button.....UNDERSTAND!!!!

How do you sew a button on pants?

In order to sew a button on pants, have a thick needle threaded with strong thread. For a shank button, sew through the pants and through the shank a few times until you think it is secure. For other buttons, copy the pattern of a button you like as you sew through the pants and through all of the buttonholes.

How do you sew on a button?

You can not sew on a button with a sewing machine. You will have to use a needle and some thread. To sew a button, you need to choose a sturdy thread of the proper color. If it is standard button, I put a straight pin through the fabric just below where the button is attached. This is to prevent the thread from being pulled too tight. I insert the needle from the back and continue up and down for about a dozen times alternating the holes if there are four. For a fabric button, the process would be to hold the shank off to the side and sew over and under.

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What is steel needle?

A needle made out of steel - the sort you sew a button on with.

Sew in elastic?

to sew in elatic, stretch it tightly and use a lot of pins. please visit this site and look under the button "skirt from dress" for pics and instructions on how to sew elastic.

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How do you sew buttons to fabric batting?

You don't sew buttons to fabric batting. Batting is intended to be used as filling between two pieces of fabric, usually to create a quilt. If you did sew a button to fabric batting the button would be able to be pulled right out due to the loose construction of the batting itself.

How do you use the word attach in a sentence?

Attach the button to the place you want it on the coat and then sew it on.

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What is a beef shank?

The beef shank is the shank (or leg) portion of a steer or heifer

How do you sew on a toggle button?

The way to sew on a toggle button is to first pin the toggle button in place on the jacket. Next, take a threaded needle and knot it tightly. Insert the threaded needle through the loop in the toggle at least four or five times, securing the know underneath the fabric. Tie and knot and the toggle should be in place.

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How do you sew buttons on a skirt?

In order to sew buttons on anything, you need: buttons, hand needles, heavy thread, and a marking device. If you are replacing a button as a closure to the skirt, then pick out the broken threads from the place where the old button was. Thread your needle with the heavy thread and knot it. From the back side of the material, draw the needle through the fabric and put the needle through one of the holes in the button. If you have a two hole button, then it's in one hole and through the other one in a loop fashion. It is handy to have a couple of long pins under the button as you do this so that you have a tiny bit of "give" so the sewing will last longer and the button will be easier to go through the buttonhole. It it is a four hole button, it's in the top two holes and after about 6 turns in those two, the bottom two get the same treatment. Once again, the two pins under the button will ease the stitching. For a shanked button (no holes, but a metal loop) just stitch about 6 stitches through the metal shank. No special instructions necessary.

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