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You can use third party software to password protect the shared folder, such as Kakasoft Shared Folder Encryption

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Q: How do you share a folder with password protection with Windows XP?
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Why are you prompted for user and password for your UbuntuGutsy smb share from your windows xp pro machine when setup simply to share a folder?

Because Samba is secure enough to require authentication before accessing a shared folder.

How do you share data over network?

Data is commonly shared over the network by creating a network share. The network share is typically a shared folder that may or may not have password protection.

What are the shared folders in Windows?

You can choose what folders to share by right clicking on the folder and choosing 'share'.

What folder in windows 7 and vista is in tended to be used for folders and files that all users share?

C:\Users\Public (C=the drive letter were Windows is installed) You can also share any folder by right clicking and go into properties and the tab "sharing".

Which tool in windows XP would you use to browse all networks and share folder to which a user has access?

My Network Places

When installing a shared printer on a windows 9x PC where the host computer is also a windows 9x PC you must first share the folder?

... a shared printer on a Windows 9x/Me PC where the host computer is also aWindows 9x/Me PC, you must first share the \Windows folder on the host PC so

I want to share a picture to sky drive tell me how?

In a windows phone, click start, pictures, then select the folder/picture you want to share. Then click on the more... button, select share, and select SkyDrive.

How you can share a newly created folder with other users?

we need to share a newly created folder with other users.

You install file and printer sharing for ms network you share folder and leave the password option blank.Who can gain the access to the folder?

Anyone who can gain access to your network and has a Microsoft redirector such as the Client for Microsoft Networks installed.

How you need to share a newly created folder with other users?

you need to share a newly created folder with other users

How do you share files on Ubuntu?

It is as simple as right clicking on the file or folder and changing the Share properties of the file/folder. You can choose what access you want on the folder regarding read or write.

What is the default name of the folder used by Windows Vista operating system to share documents downloads music pictures videos and recorded TV?


What command is used to share a folder from the command line?

net share

What is a shared folder whose shared name ends with a called?

Hidden Share folder.

What commands would be used to share a folder from the command line?

Net Share

What is a shared folder whose name ends with a dollar sign called?

Hidden Share folder.

How you can share your data from pen drive to computer?

You can create a shared folder on your hard drive and copy all data from the pen drive in the folder. Or you can share your pin drive right click on the drive (or folder) Security and sharing...

How do open share folder get virus?

If you share a folder with someone else then that means they have access to your computer. A virus will notice that and worm it's way over to both of your systems.

How do you reset a password for Windows Vista on an emachine?

With the growing security consciousness for modern people, they are busy to remember their bank numbers, names of people, phone numbers, social security numbers and dozens of others things. Who has time to remember their Windows password? But when they lost Windows password, they feel that the world is coming to an end. Don't fret; you can definitely resume access with a variety of techniques.Here I would like to share some ways to help you find lost Windows password:It is smart and cautious for you to create a password reset disk before you lose your Windows password (absolutely NOT after that). You are allowed by Microsoft to create a password reset disk which can be a flash drive or a floppy disk depending on your version of Windows.Pros: Free, easy-to-deal, only create disk once no matter how many times you change your password after creating the disk.Cons: It only works before you lost Windows password. If you never created one by yourself before losing access to Windows, you have to try other method.Another way to recover your Windows password is to use the password hint which is at the side of your password prompt on the Welcome screen. According to it, you can try to regain your forgotten password.Pros: Convenient, free.Cons: It often doesn't work if you have a bad memory.The most efficient way is to use the third party software. I have experienced one named Windows Password Key Standard. It is fast and easy enough for windows password crackers with a basic knowledge of Windows to recover, or reset lost Windows Password.Pros: Easy- to operate, convenient, enable you to burn disk after you forgot Windows Password.Cons: PremiumBelow is the step-by-step tutorial about how to operate it:Step 1: Download, install and run Windows Password Key Standard on a working PC.Step 2: Prepare for a blank and writable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive and next insert it to the PC for the purpose of burning the image file to it and making it as a Windows password reset disk.Step 3: Insert the created password reset disk to the target PC and set the PC boot from CD/DVD or USB.Step 4: Start to reset the forgotten Windows Vista password with the password reset disk in less than 3 clicks of button.Yes, you have retrieved your lost Windows Vista Password successfully. What are you waiting for? Just grab them and share them with your friends.

What is the difference between a file share and a folder?

There is a big difference between a file share and a folder. A folder is simply a directory where files, data, and other folders can be stored. Folders usually reside on your computer, and are not accessible on other networks. A file share, however, is a folder that can be accessed by other computers on a network, if permission is granted. Basically, its just a folder accessible to other computers, assuming permission is allowed.

What is the purpose of a synchronization folder?

The purpose of synchronization folder is to share the original folder contents to other folders in remote locations. When changing contents in the sync folder the other folders update as well.

How do you share files between computers?

on windows set your network type to private in network and sharing centre the open the folder Network from the start menu and other computers will appear that are on the network

How do I get the dialog box that would allow to share a WindowsXP folder?

Right click the folder, choose Security and Sharing.

What command do you enter in the Explorer search box to access the Remote Admin share on the computer name Fin?

%systemroot% folder. Enter the path \computernameadmin$ to access the %systemroot% folder (most likely the C:Windows folder) on a remote computer. The admin$ administrative share is called the Remote Admin share.

What happens if you share user and password with a friend?

you change the password when the 2 of you are done.