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How do you shock a salt water swimming pool?

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The same as a normal chlorine pool

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Do you still need to shock salt water swimming pool?

no need to shock with chlorine but you still have to maintain it like you would with any other pool of water

What kind of swimming pool tastes salty?

A Salt water swimming pool, like the iceberg in Sydney. hmmm.... A Salt Water Beach! or a pool in wich someone wurinated in! A: Your answer is old pool water. You will not taste the salt in a salt water system pool! k

What is a fresh water swimming pool?

A fresh water swimming pool is a swimming pool that does not use a saltwater chlorinator. A pool that used a salt water chlorinator has salt added to it to so that a salt water chlorinator can electronically convert part of the salt into chlorine. A fresh water pool has chlorine added to it directly either manually or Automatically.

What kind of salt do you put in a salt water pool?

Swimming pool salt not rock salt, sea salt, water softener salt. k

Can you add clorine shock to a salt water pool?


Is salt with sodium used for swimming pool?

Yes, if you have a salt water system.

Why a salt water pool?

Most people believe having a salt water pool is like swimming in the ocean. Nottrue. Salt water pools use the salt to make chlorine. With a salt water pool you will still be using chlorine a toxic chemical to sanitize your pool.

What do you use to shock a salt water pool?

Same as an ordinary pool. Ask pool shop for advice.

What is a salt water swimming pool like for children?


Can you use a salt water system in a steel swimming pool?


Can you swim in a salt water swimming pool with a cut?


Where can I buy an electric salt water swimming pool heater.?

Try a pool shop

What is cost to convert a chlorine swimming pool to a salt water pool?

$1300 to $2000 salt cell, labor, and salt. Pool pros Atlanta, GA

CAn salt water pools be harmful to dogs?

I don't believe salt water pools are harmful for dogs. My dogs swim in my swimming pool about everyday during They have had no health problems or injury due to swimming in the salt water pool. I would think a salt water pool would be safer for a dog to swim in than a normal chlorine type pool.

What equipment is needed for a salt water swimming pool?

A filter, pump and a salt generator.

What's the difference between a salt water swimming pool and one that uses chlorine since the salt water breaks down into chlorine anyway?

Salt water does not breakdown into chlorine for a salt water swimming pool unless you have a salt water chlorinator. Other then that many people feel that a salt water pool is a more pleasant feeling environment to swim in. other then that they are both in fact chlorine pools.

What is the advantage of salt water swimming pool?

So it does not get dirty a lot.

Will skin become dark when you use salt water swimming pool?


What should be done if your Pool Service treats your salt water pool as a Chlorinated pool and adds chlorine shock to your salt water pool by mistake?

Get over it. He made a mistake. You may point it out to him nicely of course. BTW it does not hurt or he may have felt that the pool needed it. BTW there is a mode in the salt system to shock the pool thru the system. precipitation

How do you put salt shock in your swimming pool?

If you own a salt pool and you need to raise the salt level, go buy NON-IODIZED salt and add the appropriate amount (as determined by your particular salt-chlorinator's owners' manual) to get the level to where it needs to be. The salt addition process is nothing fancy; cut the corner of the bag with a box cutter and pour in the pool then sweep any that is resting on the bottom to get it to dissolve. Note: Adding salt is not shocking your pool, rather it is loading the gun that can be used to superchlorinate or "Shock" your water.

Are there advantages to having a salt water pool for swimming?

There are a few potential benefits to having a salt water pool for swimming in. Salt water is much less harsh on the skin than chlorine. They also require less cleaning and are easier to maintain and cheaper.

What is a saltwater swimming pool?

A salt water swimming pool is a pool that has had salt added to it in order to be able to use the salt in water that is circulated through the filtration system and run it through a chlorinator. This is a set of elements that electronically create chlorine gas that is almost instantly dissolved into the water to sanitise it. The concentration of salt in the water is about 1/8 that of sea water or about the same as that in tears.

What do you do for eyes after swimming in salt water pools?

We have a salt water pool and have no eye problems. Either you have too much saLt or chlorine. Take a sample to a local pool store for analysys.

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out of required parameters.

Do you need special equipment to switch your regular swimming pool to a saltwater swimming pool?

Yes You need to install a salt water chlorinater. this is an electronic element that converts the salt in the water to chlorine gas which is in turn dissolved into the water, chlorinating it.