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Yes; mix the shock with water and pour it into the pool directly in several locations and run the filter.

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2010-06-24 20:28:37
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Q: Do you add shock to the pool on top of the water?
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Why would the pool water be brown after shocking your pool?

Best course prior to adding chlorine or a shock agent is to filter the pool water overnight then add your chemicals AFTER each refill or top off. It would give you an added boost if after each top off of the pool water - you add a sequestering agent specifically addressed to iron in the fill water. Be sure to follow all the instruction on the product you are adding to the pool.

When they messure the depth of a pool do they measure from the top of the pool or the top of the water?

They mean the top of the water

How can one clean algae from a swimming pool?

Algae can be skimmed from the top of the water using a pool skimmer. It can be removed from the sides of the pool using a brush. To prevent algae from growing in the future, a chemical "shock" will be necessary.

How can you make your pool safe for swimming if there was a dead decomposing armadillo in it when it was uncovered?

Remove the dead animal skim any floating materials from the top of the water vacuum the pool floor, then shock the pool with an extra strong dose of chlorine. The pool should be ok the next day.

How can you clear up brown algae on the top of your pool?

Do you ever circulate the water???? Do you ever add chlorine etc to the water???? It must have taken you months to get the water into this shape. Shame on you.

Why is there no water coming out of pool jets?

why is there a purple line around the top water line in my pool

Why is pressure greater at the bottom of the pool rather than the top of the pool?

more water is on top of it putting more weight on the water at the bottom

Your pool has an oily brown film over the top how do you get rid if it?

If your pool has an oily brown film over the top of it there is one way that should get rid of it. You can add chlorine to your pool.

Why is there more pressure at the bottom of the pool than at the top?

More water on TOP of you.

What should you add to a salt water pool besides salt to keep the pool at top condition?

I assume that you understand that 'salt' alone will do nothing for your pool and that you require the Saline System equipment. Salt is added initially andthereafter only top up salt is required (maybe a couple of 50 pound bags per year, on average). A saline pool requires everything that any other pool requires, with ONE EXCEPTION. The saline system will produce the sanitizer, so you do not need to add any sanitizing/oxidizing chemicals such as 'pool chlorine', algaecide or 'shock' chemicals. Everything else is the same and must be maintained as per normal pool care recommendations (pH, alkalinity, conditioner, calcium hardness etc). A salt water pool converts the salt in the pool electronically to produce chlorine gas which is then dissolved into the water, so aside from making sure the salt content in the pool is OK the treatment is about the same. Except you don't have to put chlorine in

How should you treat your pool water before going away for extended periods?

The BEST way to ensure the water in your pool stays healthy and algae-free while you are away for extended periods, is to install a Saline System. That will keep your pool water chlorinated and crystal clear the whole time, automatically, regardless of how long you are away. An alternative is to get a Pool Service to check on the pool at least weekly while you are away. If you want to do it yourself, make sure the pH is correct, then shock the pool (with regular chlorine, or shock). This will work only for as long as the chlorine lasts in the water. Whatever you do, you must ensure that the water level is topped up periodically. If you do not have an automatic-fill device on the pool, you will have to arrange for someone to stop by and top up the water level from time to time.

How many gallons of water in 15ftx30ft 54in deep pool?

This pool can hold up to about 15,148 gallons of water. (this would fill the pool to the very top).

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