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How do you show a girl that the relationship is worth is all the pain and tears?

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2011-09-12 21:59:58

I am in this right now i can't trust my boyfriend cause he is a

real big flirt but he does every thing to keep our relation ship

together cause he supposely loves me so much but we have been

friends for 2 years and dating for a month on sat. but any ways if

you could do what ever is causeing the pain as in if you cheat and

say your not going to do it again don't actually spend more time

with her do something romantic some time tell her that you love

her... hold her and and kiss her and tell her you love her in front

of familey and friends cause most girls think that their boyfriends

don't love them when they ignor them in front of their other guy

friends it makes us feel like we are just something for you to go

to instead of an person you supposely want to be with for a


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