How do you show a girl you really like her?

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There is a fine line between flirting and the awkward friend-but-not-really-zone, and you must try not to pole dance with that line. If you get into the awkward zone, she'll think you're her "BFFL", which is just awkward for a guy. Most girls want guys to tell them how they feel, but don't make it awkward.

The best thing you can do is to tell her how you feel and to show her respect. Also it is important to listen to her and to talk about her.

If you really care about her, show her by treating her like a princess and doing the things girls only dream about. Walk up to her and put your hands around her waist. If she's sad, instead of asking "why," give her a long, loving hug and let her confide in you. Sometimes, all a girl wants is for someone to show her that she's loved, and as silly as it may sound, a tender hug from a caring man means everything to a girl. Let her head rest on your shoulder. When shes ready to let go, hold her for a second longer.

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1) Don't treat her badly ever
2) When you date, if she breaks up with you try and still talk to her dont foget about her because she probably didnt forget about you
3) She probably broke up with you because you were being a loser
4) Talk to her
5) The girl you really like may know more than you think she does
6) The probably relates everything to you.
7) Shes in love with you. Even if you act like a huge loser and she breaks up with you, she's still in love with you. Go back to her and try as hard as you can to make it all up. Only if you truly love her.

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Show you care go the extra mile for her. girls are very sensitive so you cant play with their emotions, most girls would like to live as movie stars give her the feeling that she is a movie star.

Be the one that she can count on. be there for her no matter what. But most importantly, TELL HER. Never send mixed signals. That is probably the worst thing that you could do. Girls want to know that they are appreciated and loved. You can't play with their emotions.

Coming from a girls point of view......
A girl wants to know that a guy really loves her.
A girl wants a guy that she knows that she can count on when she gets upset over something completely stupid or something completely serious. So what he'll do is comfort her until she is completely healed.
A girl wants a guy that shows that he loves her just be looking into her eyes
Girls want guys that show that they love them. If they're dating and the guy just starts having no feelings at all or starts to like another girl and its obvious then there was no point at all asking her out or vice versa.
You (as the boyfriend or somebody wishing that they had a girlfriend) must be there, for her, just her, nobody else then that way...she'll really know that you love her.
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How do you find out if a girl really likes you?

Here is some advice from contributors: . If she stops and looks at you a lot; if she laughs at your jokes; if shes giggles around you. . Here's some help coming from a girl's POV. If you've noticed that she has gradually began to get closer to you, ex: sitting with you at lunch, talkin ( Full Answer )

How do you show a girl that you care for her other than asking her out if you really love her and she already knows that you like her but you want to show her you really mean it?

Answer . \nNo matter what age it's not to anyone's best interest to blurt out right away they love the person. It takes time to get to know each other and part of the fun is wondering if you do love each other and "the chase." The "chase" is trying to get that person to notice you and then ask ( Full Answer )

What to do with a girl you really like?

Answer . First establish that she likes you then let her know that you like her ask her out, take her to a movie be a gentlemen. After that things will just flow.

How can you tell if a girl really does not like you?

If she likes you she will NEVER b mean to u unless u r to her so it isn't clear she does like u. If you b in a group with her etc she wont make an action. If she doesn't like u then she will just b like Oh hi, and walk off and pay no attention 2 u.

How do you talk to a girl you really like?

DON'T be shy.Just walk right up to her and ask her to be your gf.She'll find it more romantic if you do it on Valentines day or if you say it to her in front of her friends.If she says no,don't stress over it.Just play cool.

You have this girl on your bus and you really really like her?

Sit next to her and talk to her. What do you have to lose? Life is about taking chances. Answer: Well I would like something to show that someone likes me. Like you could start up a conversation or you could give something to her on holidays, especially on her birthday. It is really romantic to ( Full Answer )

How do you get over a girl you really like?

As with any 'loss' we experience in life, we need time. In time you will come to find either that she is just Avery pleasant memory, or - most often - that she belonged to an infrequently-remembered phase of your life. One thing is sure - there will be others.

How do you be with a girl you really like?

Dont show off. Dont act like a pratt with your mates. Dont be somebody your not. Be nice. Talk to her alot (Get to know her). Become close friends. See how you go from their.

How can you show a guy you really like him?

Just remember that the best way to a guy's heart is through his stomache. Bake him something. If you can't bake, buy him something, but make it seem like you made it by putting on your own touch by adding powdered sugar, sprinkles, etc. If he's a health nut, buy him something organic and eat it with ( Full Answer )

What can a girl do to show to a boy you really like him?

The one-word answer: Flirt. The much longer answer: Talk to him, laugh at his jokes, make eye contact (either all the time or just for a second and then look at the ground sheepishly, whichever you prefer), and watch for signs that he likes you. Be sure to ask questions about himself, too; that w ( Full Answer )

How do you show a boy that you really like him?

The best way to show him is to just be nice. Flirting works but DON'T overdo it, otherwise he will think you are desperate or he will think you are immature. Talk to him when you see him but DON'T stalk him otherwise he will think you are a creep. Sit with him at lunch but NOT alone. Have some other ( Full Answer )

How do you ask the girl you really like out?

Being a girl i would say that you should just be honest and confident about asking her out. I wouldn't suggest the internet or notes. It makes alot more personal and meaningful if the guy asks you face to face. Just simply tell her how you feel because there are only certain awnsers, and if are char ( Full Answer )

How do you make a girl really like you?

Look in her eyes at all times, care about what she has to say do not ignore her and do not make fun of her all the time. You can joke around at times. Do not be all over her make things slow until she is ready. Be her good friend at first and hang out and she will get the liking to you.

If you are a middle school girl and you really like a boy in your class how do you show him you like him?

You hint to him that you like him by brush up on him as if by accident or you can make constant eye contact with him or you can come clean and ask him if he likes you but try the second then then first and the last as a last resort. lol..well try starting small talk with him and ask questions lik ( Full Answer )

How can you show a girl you really like her but make her confused about it?

you just tell her that you love her, then she will say ok then. She will definatly be confused. Then blst at her that you want to have sex with her and she will e really confused, and to make her even more confused pull out a condom and she will be like wow, im confused but i like you now!! AHAH, jk ( Full Answer )

What to say to a girl you really like?

well, I'm a girl, and personally, I prefer when guys don't use any funny business. Dont bother dropping hints (especially if the girl can be a little slow). just straight out tell her that you like her and ask what shes doing this Friday night.

How can you forget about a girl you really liked?

go chill with some buddies. i dont know what you and your friends do, but we go mud boging, work on our bikes, paintball gunning, eating compititions, play baseball...let it go.

How To Get A Girl To Really Like You?

if u like a girl go to the girl and tell her u like her, never try to make a girl like u because that relationship wont work out

How do you get a girl you really like?

Just make yourself noticeable to her. Tell your friends that know her well to go up to her and say Hey you know _____ and what do you think about him? Do you like him at all? But make sure there trustworthy friends that won't blurt what you told them not to say. Then when she notices you, act flirty ( Full Answer )

How do you tell a girl you really like her?

If you no her and are good friends with her say this in your own way: Hey (Girls name), Look i really like you Do you wanna go out or something? (If no) Fine then, But u no where i am (If she's a mean girl tell her tell every1 if u want make fun of me SO what) Girls luv a guy who is ( Full Answer )

How can you get a girl you really like to like you?

I think you should do special things.. tell her you look beautiful, listen to her problems buy her a chocolate. Just be nice and be yourself. . I agree but do things likeif she loves to excel in a subject then ask her to help then over time read her a study question. not just any question but lik ( Full Answer )

If someone really like a girl?

You should tell her and see what she says if she says no to going out with you then she does not deserve you. Best of luck!

How do you know you really like a girl?

you make sure that you guys have fun together and can open up to each other ans see if different girls have better personal qualities. its not supposed to matter what they look like.

How can you get a girl to really like you?

You shouldprobably get a tattoo, or grow a beard. Or grow some balls and ask her out. girls like confidence, and beards above all. The more confident they are the more confident you need to be.

What to do at the movies with a girl you really like?

First choose a "generic" movie, don't go all "chick flick" and don't go all "guy". When you get to the movie theater and are choosing some snacks to eat, try to remember not to get "weird" just go normal. For instance, don't buy something really extra chewy, I've seen it happen... you may pull out a ( Full Answer )

You really like this girl but she has a guy?

This really depends on how far the girl's current relationhip has progressed. How long have they been dating? Is she in love with him? If shes completely in love, I would recommend backing off. Hey, you could always be friends. If their not in love, I would still recommend becoming friends. Just so ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you really like a girl?

Well I'm a female and I'm a senior in High school. Many people say that writing notes when you get to be a junior or senior in high school is a little corny, But I love it. I think it's so cute when a boy write you a sweet little note saying he like you. Just don't put Do you like me or wanna go wit ( Full Answer )

What do girls really like to hear?

Compliments, compliments and loads of compliments! Subtle compliments in the initial stages of dating would help you score brownie points. Appreciate her for every little thing she does. Compliment her for her dressing and be genuine when you say it. If you share a close relationship with her, you c ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl likes you for what you have or who you really are?

Well, if she likes you for you, she might shy away from you or be really silent in a conversation, or maybe she'll mumble or talk in a quiet voice. If she likes you for what you have, she'll say, "let's go see (item) again!" Also, we may giggle and blush if we really like YOU and not your stuff. Hop ( Full Answer )

How do you really tell if a girl likes you?

I'm a girl. The best way to tell if a girl likes you is they flirt, laugh at your jokes, and mostly FLIRT and they like hanging around with you.... Shy girls will just stare at you in admiration! you can just get their phone numbers.... shy people are not as shy when you text them....

What do boys really like about girls?

I think they like it when your nice and just fun to be around. If your a drama queen or get upset about small things then they probably wont like you. Just be yourself and not to crazy.

How do you show a girl that you really lover her?

It depends on the girl. But some basic rules would be 1. be kind and show respect to her 2. Try to make her laugh 3. Tell her how you feel about her, how she makes you feel (pretty often) 4. spend personal time with her 5. just be there for her when she needs you

Why are you shy with a girl you really like?

being shy theres nothing wrong with that:). i like a really shy guy and im shy to! being shy is kind of hard to explain. being shy when u like someone is 100% normal and why, mabye because your afired she doesent like u or he doesnt. i was shy but i still told him and i think he likes me! being shy ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a girl really does likes you?

You can tell if she always wants to talk to you, even about randoms. She stares at you constantly. Sometimes she will flirt, if shes not to shy. She may even laugh at everything you say, even if its not funny. These are just some things you can catch if a girl likes you.

What do you do if you really like a girls in school?

Hey so here is what you do - find her interest and start doing that (find things in commen) -talk to her when ever u can - send her a note and later tell her u sent - if u and a buch of friend want to go someplace invite her and a some of her friends -sit next to her as much as possible but do ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a girl really likes but does not show it?

Try not to worry; she might just be shy! If you really like her then give her time and if she really likes you she will eventually tell you that she likes you. If you do make the first move by saying, I love you, If she is caught off guard then don't panic. Girls don't always consider things. For ex ( Full Answer )

How do high school boys flirt and how do they show that they really like a girl?

High school boys flirt by something small like asking for answers on a test and then is get more flirty like he'll sit closer and lean your way or they with give you small compliments.You know when a high school boy really likes a girl when they accutally always are hanging aroud them and never leav ( Full Answer )

How can you ask a girl out that you really like?

Well most gurls do not like it when you ask them out in person, so just be youself it will be o.k ,and even if yoiu get nervous gurls like guys you are confident but not to confident ........ so act like you are and if you get rejected do not take it top heart because she will not know what she will ( Full Answer )

Will a girl be really quiet if she likes you?

Yes. Absolutely, yes. When I was in high school, a guy I really liked asked me out. Although we had been friends a while (we played D&D with the same group), when we actually went out on a date, I could barely say a word. I knew I was ruining things by being so silent, but I was petrified I would sa ( Full Answer )