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How do you sign over an unborn child to his father?



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If the question is "how does a mother sign away her rights to a child before the child is born so that the father can be the primary parent?". The answer is, she can't. Mothers and fathers alike will have rights and responsibilities to their children unless the state determines them to be unfit and terminates their rights OR unless a step-parent decides they wish to adopt and papers are filed for the termination of the mother's or father's rights so that the step-mother or step-father can adopt instead. If the question regards a mother who does not want to be a primary parent to the child and a father who wants to be a primary parent (the parents are in agreement). There should be no problem transferring custody to the father with or without the court's involvement. Either parent may raise the child without interference from the court as long as the other parent agrees. However, mothers, like fathers, may be assessed for child support in this situation. In the eyes of the law, the child's best interest is what matters and if a mother does not want a relationship with her child, the court is still going to hold her responsible, financially, for that child. Also, if the child wants to seek a relationship with the mother, the court would want the child to be able to know the mother and find the mother. Only in the case of adoption either by a step-parent or by another couple will the court sever the rights of a mother or father. No action concerning custody, visitation, child support or any issues concerning the child can be or will be addressed by the court until the child is born and parentage is established.