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1. open skype

2. press don't have skype name

3. write in what it asks you to

if you have skype downloaded, click on it. a box will appear. click "Dont have a skype name?" go through the step by stem instruction that are required.

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Got to skype and In the top right corner click "JoinSkype" fill in details, download the Application, Install it, and then Sign in.

Its very simple.If Skype is installed on your computer, Follow the following steps:Double click the skype sign-up/ new accountEnter your dataPress Enter.Your account is ready to use now.Just sign-in and enjoy talking with your friends @ skype

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up. THE SKYPE

Go to Skype.comClick on 'Join Skype'.

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up.

just press sign up and create your account.

When you sign in, you enter information from a previously existing account. When you sign up, you create a new account.

If someone is not on Skype and you are trying to add them through Skype this will not work. You would need to get them to register an account before trying to look them up and send them a contact request.

The country code for Skype is the telephone country code you want associated with your Skype account. For example, US/Canada is country code +1, UK is +44, Ireland is +353, Australia is +61, New Zealand is +64, etc. And you have to actually put the plus sign.

Sign up for a new account make one and get on Tumblr.

If you download the Skype app from there website (I assume you will be able to access it through Google), after installing it, run the programme and then click on 'Sign up'.

You have to sign up on Facebook website to create a new account on this social networking platform.

Go to the spot where you would click to sign in, but instead look under "sign in" to where it says "sign up" then click on it and make your new account

you can not change the Skype user name. unfortunately, Skype doesn't allow this yet. you would have to set up a new account and re-add all your contacts if you wanted it changed.

First you have to sign out, then click the "Sign up" button

You have to sign up on Facebook website to do this.

Go to skype's website and download the program and then after install when the program opens you will get a choice to sign in or sign up. You can sign up then by clicking sign up.

Well you click make new account when you click on it because it says sign in or sign up on either side x

Its done automatically when you sign up!

A new email can be set up by adding a new account. It can be done by filling your credentials in the sign up option. Once it is verifies, the account is created.

Download the Software from Skype's WebsiteSing up on the SoftwareSign in with your New Username and Password

It is free for you to sign up a paypal account. You can sign up by clicking the link below.

Open Skype and log out of his account. Then where it says 'Log In', instead of typing in his log-in information, you can now create a new account. Skype will only be on your PC once, but you will have two separate accounts and therefore two separate log-ins and passwords.

You can go to, and either log in, or sign up for a new account.

Go to and click "Join Skype" in the upper right hand corner.

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