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How do you sing better?


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Hey sing and sing and get better and better

No! there arent any drinks that help u sing better

i think sing maybe because i sing but oh well

no way nat can sing way better than alex!

Yes he can sing. but his better thing is to rap

No a cat can sing better than them two

honestly, i think both of them can sing great but if u really want to they should have a sing off and see who has the better voice

I think it's tied.Some girls can sing some boys can sing.

There isn't really such thing as a 'better' vocal range, but boys sing lower and girls sing higher

Any song that you understand and that is easy for you to sing. It would be better to sing a song that many people know.

Justin bieber doesn't sing he makes those effects to sing better beyonce actually has a real voice.

i would say that they both sing awesome.

no the Carpenters are better the Outkast cant even sing for crap

One can sing better by sitting up straight and allowing their diaphragm to expand. Another thing that helps is by practicing scales with an instrument such as the piano.

She doesn't sing the best but its okay its better than what bad singers sound like.

They don't always. But in some cases, girls can sing very high! so it sounds "better" but actually, most guys have low voices which can sound very good in songs.... So girls don't always sing better!

because all the fried chicken they eat has a lot of oil and when u have a lot of oil in your throat you sing better

I had my tonsils removed two weeks ago and I am only just able to sing without it hurting and before I had them removed I couldn't sing but I couldn't not sing if you get what I an saying. Now though, wow it's not exactly what I call pop star singers voice, but much much better. Its like a whole different voice (a much better one)

Technically, no. Individual persons could probably sing better than others. Maybe a man sounds better than a woman. But, the man may not sound better than another woman - and vice versa.

i can talk but i cant sing better

Yes It depends how good you are with them, and without them.

This question is optional. But my opinion is...I think she can. But Keyshia Cole can sing good.

It is known that female birds prefer males which sing better

Usually not, though with training and practice they might be able to sing better.

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