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Any square or rectangle cake should be sliced straight across the cake from side to side to produce square or rectangle pieces. A nice variation is to slice the cake diagonally to produce diamond-shaped pieces.

> A 14" ROUND cake can be cut in concentric circles working from the outside inward. First cut an 8" circle, centered on the cake and about 3" in from the outside. An 8" cardboard circle or a plate may be used as a guide. Cut slices from this outer circle as you would on a smaller cake; each slice will have a portion of the frosting. You now have an 8" cake remaining which can also be sliced as you would any round cake.

> A 14" ROUND cake can also be cut directly side to side. Most of the slices will be squares or rectangles, but there will also be a number of irregular pieces that can be set aside or given to children as treats.

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Q: How do you slice a 14 inch cake?
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