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Wedding cakes are usually designed to celebrate a new marriage. In most traditions, they are cut by the bride and groom at the reception, and then served to the guests.

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Royal Wedding Cake for Princess Diana?

The attached link leads to an article with a photo and description of Princess Diana's wedding cake. ...
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How much wedding cake for 300 people?

Well for 300 people minimum of 20kg-30kg wedding cake would be required, rest it also depends upon the quantity one eats or you can ask London Darbar restaurant as they specially make all wedding arrangements and they ll surely know this answer. ...
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How do you make a sugar free wedding cake?

You need to substitute the sugar with an alternative like a sweetener, Canderel is an excellent replacement but there are other alternatives available. ...
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What kind of wedding cake is best for an outdoor wedding?

Use rolled fondant instead of butter cream icing. It will be less likely to have issues in the heat. ...
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What is the name of the country song about a couple coming to life off of a wedding cake - the video stars Leslie Neilsen as the baker?

that was off off the Steve Fox album "small world". The song "Couple on the Cake" was a duet with Beverley Mahood. ...
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Is it allowed to have a wedding cake?

There is no problem in cake and no problem in the wedding, the problem is what  happens in that day like music, women dancing in front of men, ...
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Why would one put a sliver of wedding cake under one's pillow before going to sleep?

The old myth of a female guest putting their sliver of wedding cake under their pillow is that if they do they will meet their true love and marry soon. ...
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Can you put bricks in the sand bags given to you for your wedding cake pool steps instead of sand if it is a vinyl above ground pool?

if you don't mind running the risk of dropping a brick in your pool, puncturing the liner, and spending a bunch of money on repairing it because you wanted to get creative then go ahead. ...
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What does the wedding cake cutting signifies?

The significance of the cake cutting ceremony is symbolic as the first task the newlyweds execute together. The groom will feed the bride her first bite and then the bride will feed the groom a bite. This tradition signifies the commitment of the bride and groom to provide for one another. ...
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What does it take to become a wedding cake designer?

The skills I look for in a wedding cake designer start with flair and imagination. To design someones perfect cake, be it for a wedding or other occasion, you have to be able to imagine it, to be passionate about cakes! Office skills, such as word processing, social media skills, etc. are also required. In my company, I also look for graphic design / skills to be able to sketch your idea, and a high level of organisation, to be able to manage...
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Does Princeton have a girlfriend?

well no he doesnt hes still lookin for his #1 GIRL :) true and it has to be a fan not a famous person ...
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Can you use fake flowers to decorate a wedding cake?

There is almost no flower that can't be formed out of boiled fondant frosting if you make it stiff enough.Please, no fake on the cake. ...
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Where should your wedding cake table be at the reception?

Somewhere that is clearly visible from a distance, but not easily accesible ...
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Who is Marques Houston's brother?

His brother is named Brandon.
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Marilyn monroe's wedding cake?

She was married 3 times.
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Do kosher caterers make kosher wedding cakes?

Everything made by a kosher caterer is kosher. So if they make cakes, they'll be kosher. ...
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How heavy was the world's largest wedding cake?

The worlds largest wedding cake is said to weigh 15, 032 pounds!
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What do you do if you want a white vanilla snow cone wedding cake but your fiance wants chocolate?

Have the groom's cake be chocolate and the main cake vanilla.
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How many layers can a wedding cake be?

A wedding cake can be as many layers or tiers as the bride and groom want it to be. Usually lager bottom tiers have 2 layers to them, while higher smaller tiers have only a single layer. The average wedding cake is about 5 to 7 tiers high, feeding 300 to 400 people. ...
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What is the average cost to hire a photographer for a wedding?

There isn't one; it's like asking what the average cost of a wedding dress is. Just realize you get what you pay for. You won't get a $4,000 package for $1,000. You'll get a $1,000 package. The best thing you can do is, prior to setting your photography budget, get prices from a range of studios in your area. You may want to ask around town to get the names of the more reputable photographers in terms of quality and service....
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Who took the top off the wedding cake?

The caterer takes the top off after your photos are taken. It is set aside so that you may take it home and traditionally put in the freezer for your first anniversary. ...