How do you smoke out of a bong?

you put your mouth on that hole over the tap and i there is a carb you put your finger over it either way start sucking and lighting when the smoke fills the chamber you take your finger off the carb and pull really hard if there is no carb there is most likely a slide and there should be a handle where you load the weed so you just pull that part out along with the bowl and suck hard pull til you cough and set the bong down so no acciednts happen

The proper way it to "suck the bong" consitant and not to hard. It will "milk" the smoke then you lift the bowl once the bong has filled.

Tips- A dirty down stem, a clogged bowl, or a dirty base will take away from the smoke because of all the resin.

Elder Sensei Says

  1. Put your mouth over the top hole
  2. Inhale
  3. Light
  4. As Cypress Hill Says: "Plug it, Unplug it, Don't Strain."